Advaita The Writer

The sonny and I grabbed yet another opportunity to meet another wonderful author, Ken Spillman, and got to sit through the book reading of ADVAITA The Writer.. It was a wonderful experience to watch Ken Spillman field the questions from inquisitive kids at the end of the book-reading session.

Ken shared a tip with the kids on how to remember his website and used a water bottle to demonstrate ‘Spill’ in his name and then of course ‘Man’ and said, the website was Ken-Spill-Man-dot-comπŸ™‚

The Event

The book reading event was again organized by Binita & Gargi of Spring & Zoom, a Centre for Literary Arts, Chennai.

The Book

Title: Advaita, The Writer
Author: Ken Spillman
Illustrator: Menon
Publisher: Tulika.
For Age 9+ (Does not count Valar though ;-))

The story


Advaita is apprehensive about what life at Dunham Girl’s School has in store for her.. The fear of wading through unknown territories, home-sickness, her initial experience at school and the loneliness result in her slow withdrawal. Fortunately for Advaita, her love for books helps her sail through the loneliness.. Books are her refuge and she lets her imagination grow wings, unmindful of the things around her.. Just when she begins to think that things aren’t going to get any better, she, to her delight, discovers that her favorite author Ruskin Bond lives close to her school, at Mussoorie! Does Advaita get to meet Ruskin Bond? What changes Advaita’s world from Grey to Green? Read the book and find out what inspires Advaita to become THE WRITER!

The illustrations by Menon are lucid and subtle at once and merge with the story without distracting the reader..

What this book meant for us

When I tried initiating Vyas into reading Ruskin Bond, he did not show as much interest as he did in reading R.K.Narayan, Sudha Murthy etc.. besides the endless Blytons, Dahls, Stiltons.. But things have changed much after his meeting Ken Spillman, something akin to Advaita’s tete-a-tete. Vyas is now reading Ruskin Bond and we both have sulked enough about not having met the author, Ruskin Bond, when we had been to Mussoorie just last May! We attribute it to our poor GK! Vyas, much like Advaita, cherished a vague notion about book authors like Ruskin Bond belonging to a different planet, not from our present, not contemporary πŸ™‚ But then, we are pretty thrilled about having met another wonderful author, Ken Spillman!

Pics credit: Spring & Zoom

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

13 thoughts on “Advaita The Writer”

  1. you lucky gal! I am so jealous of you AND Vyas..its lovely na to sit for such reads…I would love to attend a book reading session πŸ™‚

    You know I must confess here, that even for me (I know I know I am 30!!) Ruskin Bond belongs to a totally different era!!!

  2. They must a wonderful opportunity to mingle with like minded people and develop love for reading books in kids …that book sounds super cool πŸ˜€

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