*The golden rendezvous

A lot of knowledge gathering about the admission process happened and the mommy and daddy V were all excited about the interview at the anna’s school for the thambi.. Allow me to remind you at this point that the thambi’s admission rested squarely on the anna’s shoulders, and we ensured he remembered this huge responsibility 😉

When we received the admit card, the anna, quite predictably and also pompously, stated that this is how close he could get us to the admission and hoped that we did not mess it up from here on. The big mouth!

Like ‘intelligent’ parents, we never fussed, coached, coaxed about the interview-stuff to Varun, lest he becomes wary and throws a tantrum on the big day. He slept well the previous night and woke up in a good mood. The potty and the bath was a breeze. He wore his favourite blue jeans (what else!) and his favourite yellow tee with a pic of Krishna (of the chota bheem fame) on it, had one idly with his favourite molagapodi (chilli-powder), a bowl full of fried rice (which i’d made for anna’s lunch), and his usual cuppa bournavita..

All the kids and anxious parents were awaiting their turn to be called and our little enthu-cutlet kept running into the interview hall and kept asking when we would be called.. The hubby and I were ‘cool’ parents because the interview was just a formality.. The older sibling already studies there and he had done his bit well.. Next, the proximity to the school- just a stone’s throw away.. After an hour’s wait, we heard our token number called..
[to be contd…]

PS: *Ours was way interesting than Alistair MacLean’s!


9 thoughts on “*The golden rendezvous

  1. no no no..you cant leave it half way..go on and complete it Vidya

    I am so so curious 🙂

    LOL on blue jeans and yellow t shirt 🙂

    and Vyas is a rock star eh…hoping you guys dont mess it up hehehe 🙂

  2. What you cannot leave it at this point! I was so eager to read the story.. Plz post the story soon!!
    Btw, I just came across your blog and have been a silent reader for a long while. But this post just MADE me comment 🙂

  3. Best wishes to Varun and Vyas too.. With great power, comes even greater responsibility of keeping an eye on one’s little brother at school!!!!

    • @All: I was not able to post the whole ‘trial’ as I could not get around to doing the draft.. Did it last night and have posted now:)

      @Mathangi: Welcome here and thanks for leaving a note:)

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