When V met Abi…

This post is loooong due… I was waiting for the Collector-amma to make the landmark post because not mentioning the little pumpkin and the glow the mommy had gained, did not seem right somehow:-) I wrote, re-wrote, saved drafts, trashed, and wrote again… So much hard work that I lost about 45gms weight..

Well, I enjoyed being privy to Proton-is-arriving secret and the thought that I would be meeting Abi the first time along with the little pumpkin inside, gave a special kick:) At this point, I must also tell you that I suffer from this terrible disease of the need to dole out a huge list of what-to-eat-when-you-are-expecting… Abi had to endure the pain too and she has been quick to empathize with the amount of talking my off-springs have to endure .. But, will I mend my ways? Hell, no!

It would be an understatement if I were to tell you that our meeting was jinxed and after a 5-year-planning for 6-months, it actually happened.. On the day we were to meet, I’d told the older boy about how misled the blog world is about him and his mommy, and for the larger good, we’d live up to that expectations.. It would be terribly cliched if I told you that it was not at all like we were meeting the first time!! We’d seen each others photographs and had spoken like 3 dozen times, and texted each other that many times, mainly fixing or cancelling our meeting! We finally broke the jinx and am I glad!

We had a peaceful one hour for each other as the rest of the house was either dozing off (specially Varun) or busy with something else.. Like good children, we first decided to fill our tummies and continued to warm the floor much after the meal, until our fingers were dry like vadams!

I’d tipped off Vyas on how Abi had to just look at a book once and remember it all for ever like our very own Enthiran.. I was wrong! Her recall capacity is greater! I also told him about Abi-aunty carrying a little pumpkin inside her and he nodded all knowingly:) All was fine till the little brat woke up and then the two of them wanted Abi-aunty to only look at them, talk to them, and pay all attention ONLY to them, hmpf!

The clock had somehow readjusted to ticking about 3600 times in one minute instead of 60 and few hours vaporized in minutes.. In those minute-hours, I think we caught up on many things- blogs, mommies, babies, career, writing, exams, books, women, siblings, blog-meets, and food!! Amidst all this, the brats kept hijacking ‘our’ time and at the end of the day, I had this feeling that it was more of Abi-and-the-brats meeting and I resisted the urge to spank the fellows for stealing our time! There is always a ‘next time’ you know! And that happened after a month of Proton making a grand entry! Boy, what fun it was..

Little Proton is a clear copy-paste of the daddy V:) It was wonderful holding and feeling the johnson’s baby smell of a new baby again and rocking it to sleep.. Only the little one would pretend to sleep and look at you like you left the conversation somewhere in between.. So, this time, we talked quite a lot- me and Proton that is:)) She is all game for sharing her side of the story and listening to yours, and remembering to smile sweetly amidst all the talking and listening!

Aunty had cooked a yummy meal and both, Varun and I loved it.. Varun wiped-clean his plate of keerai and nei with rice:) I dunno how many helpings of the various dishes I had, but again, kept eating for a looooong time.. Somewhere in between all this, Varun went and called for a police to come and get Abi’s brother!! If uncle (Abi’s dad)heard it, he didn’t show it:) Varun kept comparing the size of his fists and toes with Proton and kept going where ever she was taken to, like the hutch puppy following the little boy:) He is really proud of being a BIG boy now:)

We would have loved to spend a little more time with the little one and would also have met the dad-V if we had stayed a little longer.. The new mommy was already sleep deprived and the little man was just about beginning to send signals of crankiness.. Thought we’ll be a little nice and bid adieu.. Even days after we got home, he kept asking, “Yen Proton pesamaatengara? Yen pappa kaalu avalo kutti-aa irukku? Paappa yen thaachinde irundhadhu” and so on.. Hmmm.. the next meeting with the ladies will be by appointment after-all!


8 thoughts on “When V met Abi…

  1. You managed to meet Proton!!! you lucky gal..and you lucky boy Varun..

    awesome awesome awesome…glad you could meet her πŸ™‚

    LOL on comparing the size of the toes and fists..

    Tell Varun once the paapa starts talking, its going to be super fun for Abi aunty πŸ™‚

  2. you forgot to mention :

    1) that proton peed on you 😐

    2) that Varun spotted a moth outside and ventured carefully.

    3) that you dont look a day over twenty 😐 😐 😦 😦

    and WHAT? didnt we agree that she takes after ME?

    • @SS :- πŸ™‚ He didn’t know Proton was wise enough to keep quiet πŸ˜‰

      @RM: Am waiting for her to start talking.. We all have so much to tell her abt her mommy na?

      @Swar: Hmmm.. am still sulking about missing our meet 😐

      @Ani- Even now he tell anyone who calls him a baby, that he is big, but Proton is small..

      @Abi: 1) πŸ™‚ Yes, anyone would think it was me and not Proton who did it!

      2) He and his stunts!

      3) Ahem, ahem! But you noticed the grey, didn’t you?! Hmmm..

      Oh, did we agree to lie?!! Err… sorry for telling the truth!

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