After sometime- a bad idea

Varun: Amma, I want juice (this is just after gulping down a cup of it)

Amma: Not now. konja neram aanapparam, ok? (after sometime, ok?)

Varun: umm. Sari ma. (“ok ma”- says it very sweetly and turns away.)

Varun: (Exactly after 4 seconds)Amma, ippo thariya? Konja neram aayiduthu. (Will you give now. Some time is over)

Process repeat rinse repeat for anything and everything for which I try buying time.


10 thoughts on “After sometime- a bad idea

  1. hahahahaha! this guy I tell you..super smart…but just so that you feel better…

    R: Amma, mereko chocolate venam
    RM: you ate one just now…eat after some time
    R after 3.4 seconds: Sometime is over, amma mereko chocolate venam

    They make a pair dont they πŸ™‚

  2. Eh eh.. Does he know that amma is in the IT industry? Time sonnaale nerathula varaadhu… You did not even give him a time! Tch…Tch…vidya..he needs an orientation program at the earliest!

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