This is by Peter junior:

1. Amma, I want to kuppai-le spit. (pointing at a pile of garbage, and wanting to spit something half-eaten..

2. I’m showering. (when he is taking a shower)

3. Wow! nice gift! (when I was unwrapping a return gift!)

4. I am swallow (after swallowing a whole peppermint)

5. I want led-color (when choosing a basket for his school. he wanted a RED one)

6. Oooh! Thank you so much.. I lubb you! (when i got him a bommai watch for Rs.20, after a lot of pestering by him!)

He starts regular school in another 10 days and is all excited.. The pessimist in me is dreading a repeat-performance! So, be generous and wish the Vs loads of luck šŸ™‚

PS: The last 3 months have been crazy with too many things happening.. Hope to get back to regular blogging, reading, and commenting and there are so many things (stories, crafts, events, gifts, people) I’ve been wanting to share..

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

9 thoughts on “Peter-May’12”

  1. hahahaha! He is so funny…I am swallow :)..oh you got him a bombai watch…I havent yet got it for R though she asked for it šŸ™‚ May be I should

    Hope things are fine!

    and all the best to the little hero on this new school and all that..he and Vyas in the same one now na?

  2. Ha ha and you made my day with this post. Lots of lub to the little one. Hope things are fine. Waiting for the rest of the posts.

  3. Hehehe.. This is the cutest English ever. They should start teaching Varun English in schools. People will just luuubbbb it šŸ™‚
    Good Luck to our super star!!! šŸ˜€

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