Fruit Seller

Varun: Amma, naan Apple-karan, no auto-man (Ma, am an Apple man (Sorry Mr.Jobs!), not an auto-man.)

Me: Oh super! I want some apples.. How much does an apple cost?

Varun: Ummmmmm…. Lemon-apple venuma, Orange-apple venuma? (You want lemon-apples or orange apples?)

Whatever that means!! Amma bought few of both!! 🙂

Though the fellow gets most words right, he still struggles saying few. Guess what ‘Kuffsheesh’ means???..


10 thoughts on “Fruit Seller

  1. Enakku lemon-apple venum !!! Enna vilai ???

    LOL !!! These kids and the various avatars they enact everyday is so adorable…my daughter used to act like a bus-driver, when she was small… 🙂

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