Back to Ragi & School

Fingers still crossed 🙂


Its his 8th day in school and so far only 3 tantrums:

1. I want to carry a bag (back-pack) like anna!
2. I want to wear uniform to school- Like anna!
3. I want to take my new snack-box to school (this, on a Sunday)

So, I let him carry an empty bag one day, besides his basket. The school has strictly instructed to send only a simple plastic basket and no fancy bags.. For the uniform tantrum, he got to wear his anna’s old uniform shirt (which of course reached his knees) for 5 mins before his shower 🙂 He gets to wear a uniform only from the next academic year!

We were at our wit’s end trying to make him understand that the school was closed on Sundays.. His rolling-on-the-floor-bawl would have been answered with a tight spank by the mommy.. But, but, but, for the dad’s intervention.. The dad signed a deal with the fella and promised to take him to the school, but he must return without a fuss if the gates were closed… He promptly agreed and ran with his new snack-box- an empty one- and had his WYSIWYG moment when he saw the closed gates. Came back quietly and sported a long face for about 15 minutes and then forgot about it.. Have this weird feeling that we have been yielding a bit too much for his tantrums, but fine, it hasn’t been all that bad.. And he is happy to be going to school!

To report another nice change, the little man has opted for Ragi kanji over his ‘Bonnitta’! Its an year since we moved from Ragi to regular drinks like Bournvita, Complan etc and I was toying with the idea of re-introducing millet.. He has frequent tiffs with his friend ‘Sammu’ on who is ‘BIG’. Both the elves cannot settle for an amicable- “Both of you are big” solution.. About a week back, he came back, all ruffled, asking what it takes to become strong and big.. I said, ‘Ragi kanji’! He seems to be really serious about the ‘growing strong & big’ bit.. Good for me 😉

So all nice uncles and aunties out there, Varun is officially in formal school and no damages reported so far! He is also enjoying his Ragi porridge 😉 Hope am not saying it all too soon!!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

16 thoughts on “Back to Ragi & School”

  1. Wah! super congrats..

    Err..I made my dad do that to me even when I was in my class 3 *Hangs head in shame* so at 3 years its perfectly okie right…Muah to you Varun baby

    He wants Ragi over Bournvita..hai bhagwan, yeh aaj kal ke baache *Shakes head in despair* but I guess its way healthier than Bournvita na 🙂 My Patty still has Ragi Malt everyday night at the age of 88 *rolls eyes*

    1. In class 3? *gasp*!! What was I thinking when I told myself that this will pass off in 5 months!! And i thgt you’ll give me hope 🙂 Cheers to patty on her Ragi Malt routine!

  2. Dhrishti suthi podavum 😉 My son till date cries when I leave him inside the daycare/ playschool and evening when I pick him all I hear is, he cries only for 5 mins while you leave 😦 So congrats to you that small one isnt doing it. By the way whats with the kids nowadays and bags? My son ALWAYS wants to carry the bag irrespective to however BIG it is. Hope these kids dont make us carry their school bags later 🙂

    1. Am glad am not alone!! And the only thing am clear abt after reading your comment is, there is no way the boys are going to make me carry their bags!

  3. Congrats to Varun on being a samuthu boy and going to school even on a Sunday! and super nice of Mr. V to take him to school!!

    It is more than an year since we stopped giving raagi kanji to Hobbes…I need to get back as well….but the kanji maavu is more than an year old…unfortunately I don’t get raagi here only raagi powder…i miss the freshly made(soak..sprout…dry…grind) raagi kanji

    1. I use the organic raagi powder.. No soak.. sprout because the mottai maadi is an official joint for pigeons, crows, and squirrels 😦 Vyas is already after me to source milk from Pondichery.. he says the milk contamination level is far lesser there than in Chennai 😦

  4. Wish you many more such “sweet tantrums” by the sweetie pie:-) Really, the appa V is in the nominations queue for special “porumaiyin sigaram” award 🙂 Best wishes, sis!!!

    1. You call that sweet tantrums?!! No nominations and all that for the appa! Always getting away making guest appearances, hmpf!

  5. I was really wondering why there is no updates from you on the school going routine of Varun. Now that it is here, I am glad that Varun is taking to the school going really well! Congrats to both you and him and wish Varun a very happy and fun filled schooling.

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