WWW dot HP

A long-distance voice chat with the dad:

Vyas:Appa, appa, appa, please pa, XBox 360.

Varun: Enakkum Pa. I want XBox 360.

Dad: You too want an XBox 360?

Varun: Ummm.. Yes, Yellow Color.

Dad (!!!???!!):What else do you want?

Varun: Enakku…… (and yells into the laptop) WWW dot PEN DRIVE vaangindu vaa!! (get me a http://www.pendrive!)

Both the requests were not met of course!


Having got back from work, I found the door to the bedroom closed.. I was sure the boys had switched on the AC and were playing some games on the computer.. And it was only 6.30 PM.. Braving myself for a rough evening ahead, what with having to impart gyan on why the boys should not be spending time indoors, and that too slouched in front of a PC, I pushed the door open, a little too angrily..

“Expelliarmus!!!” squealed the little one, brandishing his sleek wand at me.. Anna was beaming with pride at how well his brother had executed the spell under his able guidance!

The mommy was truly disarmed. Twice!

Its become a habit with the older boy to not take mommy’s seriousness too seriously.. An angry glare or a yell is met with a drawn out:

“Ma, Why tension? No tension”!

The imp!!

PS 0: Apparently, Varun thinks Xbox 360 is some cool snack-box.. He settled for a tiny yellow tupperware box and flaunted it around as Xbox 360!
PS 1: A long angry-bird pencil made up for the wand, though the Anna later convinced me that it was made of phoenix feather.. I HAD to be convinced!
PS 2: The AC was not on, and there was no laptop in sight! The things mommies have to worry about these days!!

Thorough nut-cases I tell you! Staying sane is a lot of hard work 😐


21 thoughts on “WWW dot HP

  1. hahahahah! two posts in a week..wow Vidya…you are back with a bang

    1. Errr…What is XBox 360?? its not a snack :(?????? *goes off to google it*

    2. He can ACTUALLY pronounce THAT!! and here is the brat talking about uju-allys!!

    Awesome awesome πŸ™‚

    3. I am happy to read the third one ..you know why na πŸ˜‰

  2. Wish Vyas would also agree that XBOX 360 is yellow tupperware na πŸ˜‰
    The Expelliarmus bit is very cute.. I love the way Vyas and Varun play together. The siblings affection is so evident. God Bless them πŸ™‚

  3. Boys are boys… They never settle for usual toys πŸ™‚ And β€œExpelliarmus!!!” with β€œMa, Why tension? No tension”! wonderful πŸ™‚

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