Siri – Sirippu

Vyas beta-tests Siri on his appa’s iPhone 4S..

Vyas: Can you call ‘Home’

Siri: Sorry, I cannot do that (or something to that effect)

Vyas: Call ‘Home’

Siri: Not sure I understood

Vyas: I bet you’ll never be sure!

His verdict: Siri should’ve been called Silly..


Varun: On hearing all the voice exchange: Hey, Talking Tom-aa da? (Is that Talking Tom)

Vyas: No da. Its Siri.

Varun: Aana Cat-e kaanom (But I can’t see the cat!)!!


A friend told about the conversation her team-mate had with ‘his’ Siri.

The guy: Call Wife

Siri : Which wife?


12 thoughts on “Siri – Sirippu

  1. okie…1. Glad to have you back after a long time

    2. Even gladder to know its a Vyas Varun post

    3. I had to google to check what Siri is…these kids these days know everything eh?

    4. After I googled what Siri was, I laughed out so loud that the people around are wondering whats the funny joke all about.. πŸ™‚

    big hugs

  2. Such a cute post! Yup Siri is indeed Silly. Excellent verdict by Vyas! Sometimes I have had so much fun at Siri’s expense that I have laughed till my eyes started watering. Not once I have succeeded in making Siri understand my commands! Which Wife? Is sure LOL!

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