A catch-up post:)

Varun wants to change from his shorts to a pair of jeans. It is 8 PM and he has already had his dinner. When trying to reason that its almost time to hit the bed, he explains politely that he is going to sing – Why this kolaveri di! How can he sing with a shorts? Some things don’t change!

Amma wants to make the most of this and so strikes a deal with the brat. I extract a promise. Actually, a couple of promises.

1. “I promise to wear shorts to school tomorrow”. He religiously repeats.
2. “I promise to wear a smiling face to school and stay that way the whole day”.

No time is wasted bargaining, and the fella readly agrees.

Now, how can the anna not have a say in such serious matters ? He extracts a promise from his thambi like this:

Varun, repeat what I say. “I swear by the River Styx, that I shall be nice. To purify a God’s symbol of power from human/demigod touch, it must be washed in person in the River Lemnos”.

I told you. Some things NEVER change!

PS: Have loads of catching-up to do. Missed reading all your blogs. Coming, coming:)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

8 thoughts on “A catch-up post:)”

    1. @Swar – Hey, how have you been?!

      @My Era- Naughty-yes, best? Well… yes, if you say so 🙂

      @Ani- You are a very easy amma to please:)

      @RM- I’m hiding this comment from Vyas. Yeah, am wicked like that:)

  1. Hey nice to see a post from you again! Vyas and Varun are super cool and make such a perfect combo! Love to them!!

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