Then and Now

Flashback to a day about 10 yrs back (You must now see a Tortoise mosquito coil in your thought bulb)

The Mommy and Daddy cannot sing to save our lives! But that cannot discourage us from experimenting in the bathrooms, or with our own off-spring right? The closest the dad came to singing a lullaby to rock baby Vyas to sleep when he was all of 6 months old was to sing – Row, row , row-a-boat, gently down the stream.. A friend who was a witness to this crime (he knows our singing prowess), came close to the baby and spewed some wisdom into the child. He literally begged baby Vyas to go off to sleep right then instead of enduring the pain of having to listen to his parent ‘sing’!

Cut and back to the present

Its 10 P.M. The lights are off. The tiny monkey Varun is hopping on and off the bed in the darkness. Vyas has drawn a blanket up, covering from his head to toe. Dad V is listening to some music with the ear-phones on from his iPhone and is humming a tune.

Vyas: Apppaaaaa….. Please!

Dad V: A man can’t even hum in peace!

Vyas: I’m not able to sleep pa! You might want to go to the hall, or perhaps even the open terrace? (Rude fellow)

Dad: Alright. I’ll stop now. But I wish and pray you find a bride who will keep singing ALL THE TIME!

Vyas: (Without pausing to think even for a nano-second) I have no problems as long as she can really SING!

Amma is in splits. Literally ROTFL-ing!

Can’t wait to see that day;)


27 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Dear Vyas,

    R can definitely sing..and since you have mentioned, I plan to make her join the singing class soon πŸ™‚

    yours truely

    RM masi πŸ˜‰

    Ps – take the hint eh?

  2. okay. im waitlisted at number 3. but but varun is there, so i can be at peace(THIS IS NOT A HINT. THIS IS A BLOODY REQUEST/THREAT. he he. see how subtle i was)

    i can totally imagine him giving that reply in a heartbeat. che. ladoo that one is.

  3. as if the incident wasn’t enough to make me roll with laughter that you added You must now see a Tortoise mosquito coil in your thought bulb
    Little smart dude…you never know few years later we might actually read a reference to this post again πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  4. @ RM, LG, Abi: Yo ladies, don’t know what kind of sons-in-law my boys will make. But I’ll be a good MIL πŸ™‚ Besides, I hope you know am saying only the nice things here.. Abi, you know Varun is smitten with the kutti hands, kutti legs. I hope the boys take all these hints from you mummies and don’t miss the bus (this amma is all emotional now:)).. And I wish I’d had a twin for Varun so we’ll not need to resolve a triangle;) Hope R, Valar, Proton don’t bash you up for making decisions on their behalf.. All fat hopes vonly;)

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