Happy Diwali 2012!

Vyas is yet to touch even a sparkler. His ‘Green-Diwali’ has become a kind of joke in our apartments, among his friends and cousins. He doesn’t flinch from admitting that he is scared of the crackers and the noise of the continuous blasts. He is not touched when others tease him for ‘being a boy’ and still being scared of crackers. I’m happy that he does not take offense or look at fear as a gender thing. Am happy he is learning to let go.

Though am happy about his ability to take remarks in his stride, it hurts to see the kid huddled on the sofa and acting jumpy every time there is a loud blast. We have tried to help him shed his fears by asking him to go down and watch the others light crackers. He would have none of it. I have told him to just sit back and enjoy the day either watching TV or reading or just chatting away with people at home and that its perfectly OK not to touch the fireworks.

With Varun, looks like its going to be a different story. He gets one of us light a candle. He opens boxes of sparklers and lights them by himself. He has progressed to lighting stones (a mini variant of a flower-pot) by himself and wants to try flower-pots and the other noise-free crackers. Am happy as long as both the kids get to do what they like doing and enjoy the day!


The school is closed today and the kids are home. The partner and I had to turn up at work. Varun was mighty pleased because its a holiday for him and anna. He usually sees us off with ‘Have a nice day’. Today was different. Just as we were descending the stairs, he called out saying- ‘Happy Deepavali Ma!’ A Happy Deepavali indeed!



10 thoughts on “Happy Diwali 2012!

  1. happy diwali.. i tried giving bunty kambimatapu ( dont know wat it is english), she enjoyed it.. it was just a preparation , so that she doesn’t get scared tomorrow.. 🙂

  2. Hope you had a great one. We contributed our share of polluting the earth and our lungs yesterday. The kid has some stashed for “Karthigai” but I have a feeling they are going to mysteriously disappear .

  3. My son is also the same Vidya, scared a lot of crackers. In Singapore there is not even much crackers. The couple of Roll caps which the kids burst in the park makes him edgy and he avoids going to the park. He is ok with the non sound ones. He lights sparklers but otherwise nothing much. I am just thinking that maybe he is just 5 and he will grow out of it.. Lets see.. Hope you guys had a great Diwali!

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