Right to facebook..

Yeah, FB has long been a verb too, right?

If you thought this post is about the girl who is supposed to have uttered blasphemy, you are mistaken. Well, how can anyone dare to blog about it? I’m scared my uncle’s factory in Ambattur will be ransacked, never mind that he retired from the business a decade ago. If you really want to read a post about it, visit IHM’s blog. To express discontent or condemn any such thing just because a youngster’s freedom of expression was seized, would be a waste of time because Facebook by itself is a first-world thing, and we are not to worry or obsess over first-world like problems. Lets not talk about being a progressive nation. Its kind of romantic to stay nomadic and express anger by bringing physical harm to people and their property.

Ok, I’ll get back to the actual matter of the post. This happened y’day morning when Varun was on his way to the school with his dad.

Varun: Appa, naan style-aa pose kudukaren. Enna oru photo eduthu, Facebook-le podureya.

English: Dad, I’ll strike a stylish pose. Can you click my picture and post it on FB?

That is a 3.5yr old for you finding FB as a medium of sharing his ‘stylish’ photo. Am aware that FB is a first-world luxury. I can’t help the access I have to information. And I choose to share what little I have, with my children. I mean, freedom to express.


14 thoughts on “Right to facebook..

  1. I did a post on THE death, then read about the girls and got too scared to post it! honestly!

    LOL on the little boy’s knowledge on FB..its fine right?I love the fact that you share the freedom to express with the kiddos..thats why you are one of my inspirations on parenting πŸ™‚

    • “you are one of my inspirations on parenting”
      Ayye, soap soap. V, don’t fall for such platitudes. The competition should be fair and open.

      • Butterflies in my stomach already.. Dreading law-suits from different quarters- RM, LG, Sonny, Valar, R.. Sigh.. The common case being, all this build-up about the sons for nothing.. 😐

      • Aiyo LG, soap and all, I would put only if I see the other person falls for it..in this case, she is too good for that as well…

        Errr…oh wait, *Smacks self on head* only now I understood why you were saying soap soap..darling, everything is fair in love and war πŸ™‚

  2. this FB I say.. whenever I take a picture this will be Adi’s first response ranging from “don’t even think abut putting this on FB” or “are you going to put this on FB” or “can you pls pls put this on FB”.. πŸ™‚

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