The ‘How tos’

Was listening to some FM this morning on the way to work and that was when I knew of Kasab’s death. There were listeners calling-in to tell the RJ how the death sentence must have been handled. I was aghast when at least 4 people expressed opinions such as, the execution must have been public, or it should have been video-graphed and uploaded, or it should have been streamed live! I’m willing to believe now that there is a bit of Taliban in all of us. This is not to take away anything from the irreplaceable loss of the families that lost their dear ones that November. But will a public execution or live streaming of the execution reduce the pain? On the contrary, won’t it add to the growing animosity and breed more intolerance? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “The ‘How tos’

  1. I totally agree. Capital punishment by itself is not a very civilized way to treat offenders. Making it public? Barbarism at its best.

  2. We are so much used to watching all this reality TV and what not, that we dont seem to be too much affected by drama and death na 😦

    there is a bit of Taliban in all of us…I think thats very true!

  3. Hmmm I agree with you…but guess what we have such a huge population that there wud be all kinds of views re but trust me such extremists are not in majority….have faith 🙂

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