Can Angrezi be far behind?

1. Varun at bath:

Why your dress small and daetty?(because I had rolled-up my dress over the knees and was wet with soap and water that he’d so generously splashed. So my dress is small and dirty!)

2. Sunday is holiday. Monday is schooly day.

3. November, December, all days leave (his wish)

4. I am helper. Will put this saamaan in dabbas.(when helping me pour the provision into the containers)

5. He has a free pass into every other house in our apartments and enters at will when the doors are open. When closed, he bangs. Either way, he announces his entry with: “Hellowww! Anybody home?”. Courtesy anna- courtesy Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone (2), the dialogs of which, the anna can relay in any order!

6.Here’s a song he’z come to love. Sings every word of it, but his style. Again, courtesy anna:

Heeezalillsaungaiwhotch (Here’s a little song I wrote)
Yoomawannusingitchnoffanotch… (You might want to sing it note for note)
Daunnworry…Beee Happy…

Vooooo.. who who…who who who…

(Don’t worry, be happy – by Bobby McFerrin)

His other favs. are Hotel California from Eagles, Rain by Madonna, and You are the music in me from High School Musicals:)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

8 thoughts on “Can Angrezi be far behind?”

  1. You should record him singing “Hotel California”. For that matter, you must have a built in recorder in every room of the house so we can hear his Mazalai and have a days made.

  2. Recalled what Akank would do at his age. When she began school she addressed me ‘Aunty!’ because she thought, in English you called amma that. Her other sentences were – School there, aunty? (Every morning without fail ) and “It broke, aunty”

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