Random notes..

Hi there! Did you see 2012 vaporize? I did. Life, at the moment, seems to be like the fast-forward action sequence on a big screen.. I can almost see my sons pedaling their bicycles with a random tune playing in the background, and in 5 minutes, life is fast forwarded by another decade and a half. I want to slow down this pace when the kids are at their best, or when life generally seems to be looking up.

In 2013, I did something that I have never done before in my adult life. I made a couple of resolutions for this year. ‘Fitness’ is on the top of the agenda. I have also resolved to smile more. There is yet another resolution but I’ve decided to act all secretive about it for now. Will surely share once I really work on it πŸ™‚ Enrolled myself into a Yoga program to do something about fitness. Feels good to be up early in the morning and spend a good one hour on myself. Not sure how long this ‘nice’ feeling is going to last. Took just 2 days into the program to realize how ‘under-exercised’ the body is.

Okay, with that bit on 2013 out of the way, here are a few updates from 2012. Never got around to doing detailed posts on these. Would have loved to!

1. Met Imsai & Oorvambu, his adorable wife and their little boy Hobbes! The Vs had a lovely time. Varun was acting all cranky initially and was not willing to share his cycle/toys with Hobbes. The two got pally when it was time for them to leave. In the few hours that both our families got to spend together, I think we spoke about everything under the sky- family, career, life-styles, interests, food, marriage, kids.. Looking forward to meeting them again during their next visit..

2. Vyas received his most cherished b’day gifts last April- 1)The Diary of a Wimpy kid series from my friend Jo. Anyone listening in on the conversation between Vyas and Jo would think the two were classmates πŸ™‚ 2) The entire Harry Potter Series from Abi aunty! He has read the series like about 5 or 6 times in the last 7-8 months! On any given day, when he runs out of books to read, he picks one from HP- mostly- The Prisoner of Azkaban.

3. Met Abi, Proton, and Vijesh during Navrathri! Proton and Varun hit it off so well! Got to visit the awesome-threesome yet again very recently. Boy! What fun!

4. Was pleasantly surprised to meet LR and his lovely family at the PlanetYumm on Besant Nagar Beach! LR and I have been in touch only through emails/FB. I was able to recognize LR fom the pics of his daughter on FB, and when I hesitantly approached his table to ask if it was him, he was able to recognize the Vs too! The world is small after all!

5. RM and Preethi from IMC sent me a lovely coffee mug.. Felt guilty about accepting it without contributing anyting 😦 The mug is lovely and am not sharing it with my brats πŸ™‚
To RM & Preethi: Girls will do justice this year, ok?

6. Took Varun to a delightful book-reading session by Praba Ram of Saffron Tree Org. She read Artnavy’s Have You Seen This? Have been wanting to do a separate post on this, but never got around to doing it 😐 Its an amazing book by Arthi. It allows kids to imagine beyond the norm and every possibility suggested in the book is interesting! I got to render the Telugu translation of the book while there were others doing various other languages- Malyalam, Kannada, Hindi etc! It was fun.

7. At work, had been on a wonderful trip to Europe – Munich, Poznan, Amsterdam, Milan & Rome. It was a packed schedule but got to spend some good time at Amsterdam, Milan, and Rome. Will try and post pics from the trip some other time.. Even with very limited veg food options, I tried quite a few things and loved all of it!

8. Amidst all this, there have been a lot of Vyas-Varun moments that I have missed recording here. Bad me. The boys have grown up quite too fast. Varun is at his naughtiest best while Vyas is showing all the symptoms of having transitioned from a ‘small kid’ to a ‘trying tween’ phase.

There was never a dull moment I tell you!


9 thoughts on “Random notes..

  1. wow. You met so many bloggers. Chey how I missed meeting you. I still regret that 😦 😦
    You had a lovely year huh?? Hope 2013 brings you all happiness. Waiting to read about Vyas and Varun πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! thats a lovely round up post eh? and I loved those updates..

    Wishing you more fitness and more smiles through the year..now pass on some good moods here to Bombay will ya!

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family Vidya. Vyas said something Harry Potter…which went above my head and your gift was very helpful in keeping Hobbes occupied during the return flight.

    I recently thought about prabha…long long ago…so long ago… prabha had a foodblog…and I remembered how her daughter associated Thayir saadham as comfort food and how Hobbes is doing the same thing now.

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