Love or Fear?

It seems that the English lab teacher had asked the kids to write a few lines explaining whether they love or fear God. This post is not about the nature of topic or why it was given. Here is what Vyas wrote.

I love God but I also fear him

I fear God but I love him and so I can’t choose which side I wanna support. I dunno… If you really wanna know, I’d give a majority (51%) to ‘I love God’ because he never gets me out of tight spots. I think I fear God (49%). I can write nothing about this anymore. Bye-bye. Oh, I also like him because he’s gonna get me killed.

The teacher’s remark: I fear you Vyas! (Followed by an evil emoticon)

If I were in her place.. Well, never mind! Let me not even get there..

The future seems bright..


8 thoughts on “Love or Fear?

  1. @Ani: πŸ™‚
    @Tharani: laugh girl, laugh!
    @Swar: Poor thing- the teacher!
    @a: Well, i don’t u/s what he says either!
    @Charu: trolling, yes!
    @AM: She is actually being polite
    @Me: Lawyer too πŸ˜‰

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