Somethings never change..

…Like our endeavouring to learn Hindi for example.. When anna has made some progress (like really being able to discern Telugu from Hindi), can thambi be far behind?

To record the progress, here are some samples:

1. “Patti ke liye, AC ke liye, two minutes mien put”. (Patti insists on switching on the AC for two mins. The unsaid words include- despite the cool weather)

2. Mein door to out ke nahin. (Am not going out)

3. When the sis and I are deeply engrossed in a convo which is a heady mix of Telugu, Tamizh, Hindi and English, Varun seems to have ‘caught’ the shifts. That night – “Amma, Nitu and youuuu (thinking about how to string the remaining words into a sentence), Telugu mein or Hindi mien talk liye kya?”

Go figure!

Our ‘language’ trysts:

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

21 thoughts on “Somethings never change..”

  1. ROFL ROFL. I simply love it.
    Whenever I attempt to speak Hindi to anyone, my daughter would come to me and say “Kya?”. Pretty hilarious actually.

  2. V ‘s Hindi is much better than mine.. Am murdering this language with my own renditions.. The poor targets are security guards , chaiwalla , and n number of shop keepers of the NCR region !!Keep up the good work V!

  3. Hi I am Mili …Uma Srini’s friend on Fb…my neighbor was from Jamshedpur and used to talk in a mix of Tamizh and Hindi…once he said ” Ammavaasai ke baad bhi naanglaam viboothi ettu nahi kartha hai”

    1. Mili, reminds me of a Tamizh neighbour in Mumbai who never managed to get his Marathi right. His favourite dig at himself and another Marathi neighbour was- Kaai re kutlaas kaai, mani Et-laas kaai (Hey, is it 8 ‘O’ clock already ) 😉

  4. Hi….just stumbled on to your blog from i dont know where… this one is hilllaaaaariiousssss…. cant stop laughing… i had a tough day… this made me laugh a lot…. making me feel better… thank you so much. You Writing ke liye thanking ke liye i write comment….

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