Much ado about.. well…

Yuck post ahead. Read at your own risk. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

To Varun: Hey you vaandu! You cannot sue me for sharing this bit (about what you did of course!) with the world because I obtained your permission. Am recording it here just so you know what an entertainment material you are. And yes, anna inspires you.

Varun to me: Amma, I want to use the ‘rest room’. I think I want to poo.

Me (half-way through my dinner): Ok go! Call me when you are done (this too shall pass!)

Varun (back in a few seconds): Ma, this poo is bad. Refusing to come out.

Me: SSSShhabbaaa. Ok.

Varun (after another minute): Ma, I think I really want to go now.

Me: Poyenda (Just do it!)

Varun (runs to the loo and is back again in few seconds): oh hum…. Not coming.

After a few seconds, he stands, squirms, grins.

Me: (exasperated) What is it now?!

Varun: I just farted. Twice.

At this moment, anna is shaken out of his P.G.Wodehouse reverie. He reminds me its a while since I used garlic in my cooking!!


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