Times now!

The V parents are still dearly holding on to some rules like no mobile phones or FB accounts for the kids. At least not yet. Maybe we’ll yield tomorrow. We are very much aware of that look the sonny occasionally gives us, which seems to say that we still belong in the T-rex age 😐

Anyways… When one door is closed, another opens right? Here is a recent episode, a convo between Vyas and his friend T at around 6 in the evening.

Friend T: (Calls my number): Aunty, can I talk to Vyas?

Me: Sure.. (I give the phone to Vyas)

Vyas: Tell da.

Friend T: (something from that end)

Vyas: Haan, ok. We’ll fix it for 7.30 PM? Shall we Hangout or Facetime da?

Friend T: (again something. looked like both options were ok!)

Vyas: Ok, we’ll Hangout at 7.30 then.

At 7.30, the fellow is connected on Hangout and so is the T chap. He, sharing a logo sketch on a sheet of paper and asking for opinion from Vyas. The two exchange some notes and finalize the logo and the color/design for a T-shirt. When both are satisfied with the outcome, they decide to call it a day.

Apparently, the two were designing a logo for a jersey for an inter-class football match. Virtual world.

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

3 thoughts on “Times now!”

  1. The LG household just relented on the no-email rule with the caveat that the kid’s emails will be forwarded to amma’s email. Amma won’t read the mails but will keep tabs on who writes to her. With the strength of email backing, the kid and her friends have started a “rap band” and exchange songs they write and edit.
    Ennavopaa..I do feel like a TRex.

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