So. You turned 5 last 19th.

We go shopping for you b’day and sift through the section of clothes meant for beeeg boys your age. You methodically run through the lines of tees and shirts. Appa excitedly picks a beautiful white tee with blue horizontal stripes on it. A look of disdain on your face and then, ‘it is what rowdies wear’ you say, and dismiss the choice without further ado. Then, mommy picks another one. ‘it is for Hindu’ you say. Mommy’s foot-in-mouth moment. A quick glance around the showroom to convince myself that no one has heard. I have absolutely no clue what you meant. And am sure you don’t have too. But you have to say the darnest thing. Very loudly too.

We hurriedly let that go and moved on. In 2.3 seconds that followed, you had made your choice. A plain white trendy cotton shirt. Followed by a pair of grey jeans to go with! I’m convinced than ever before that no matter how old you grow, you’ll not overgrow your fetish for the denim 😐 You look cute in them though! Anna agrees too. Yeah, that is mamma bragging.

On my team trip where I’d tagged you along, you found your ‘gang’ and that had only 20-somethings and none under 10. You are still the drama king. It was the most awkward of moments when you literally fell at my feet, begging me to let you sleep with the other ‘uncles’ in my team. You push mommy to resort to bribery. Not good, okay?

You want a batman cycle (again, no idea what it is!), a new car, cakes, parties, gifts, friends, cousins, everyone, and the auto-car magazine that your brother feeds on for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You dictate the office dress-code for your dad. It is mostly formals. He is forced to sheepishly admit that he dressed at your bidding. He probably gets asked if he is dressed for an interview. The company your mommy and daddy work for looks down upon ‘formals’. Hawaii chappals, jeans, faded tees is the accepted, acknowledged code. Imagine how your dad would stand out..

Your most recent ‘occupation’ has been figuring out the meaning of people’s names. One such bedtime convo went like this:

You (Varun) to Vyas: What does Vidya mean?

Vyas : Knowledge/learning

You: Varun?

Vyas: God of rain

You: Hari?

Vyas: Lord Vishnu /Conquerer

You: Vyas?

Vyas: Named after the great sage Vedavyasa.

You: Umm.. Vasudevan?

Vyas: Lord Krishna’s father

You: Oh, our dad is Lord Krishna’s dad too?

Vyas/Mommy: !!!%$#%#$%$# and ROTFL-ing

Your birthday, and everyday that I wake up to your smiling, morning-breath ridden ‘good-morning’, is something I look forward to! Looouuve you vaandu!


9 thoughts on “FIVE!

  1. You should write more often Vidya. I so miss Vyas and Varun updates.
    Wish the little boy on my behalf okay. Wishing him all happiness in the world 🙂

  2. Happy belated bday Varun…you keep this lovely innocence of yours forever okay…and come to Bombay..will get you the trendiest pair of jeans 🙂

  3. awwww both your Vs are so cute I want to squish them to bits. But V’s queries got me LOLing with stomach ache and all. He’s an ace comedian in the making no? And a superb one too!

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