Eggs and therefore birds and babies

Varun’s classmate distributed cakes to all the classmates on his birthday. The chocolates/cakes/candies given are usually tucked into their baskets and sent home just in case the kids are allergic to some ingredients.. So, Varun usually brings home and the first thing he does after removing his shoes and washing his hands, is to wipe clean the cake or choc.

This time, Vyas was home too when the fellow came back with the cake. He took a bite even before the bro ran a quality/brand check. Bro still did and declared that the cake had egg. Varun paused, like for 3 seconds and said, “It’s alright da. Everyone else ate. And it is nice” and looked at grandpa for approval. Thatha approved of course. After finishing the last morsel, he went up to grandpa and asked, “Thatha, is there a bird in my tummy now?”, concern writ all over πŸ™‚


Varun to me: Amma, did you know that anna and I played hide and seek when we were inside your tummy?
Me: Oh really? Who won?
Varun: Me!!


The human life-cycle according to Varun is something like this:

babies inside tummy –> babies outside tummy –> growing up into older kids —-> kids growing up to first become mothers —> grow up still and become dads —> and grow up more into grandmas and grandpas, in that order.

So, the recent FAQ for me is, “Ma, when will you grow up into a dad?”

Another notion which Vyas too shared as a child is this – As we grow up, we remove and replace our heads. The only explanation to why our faces change over time from a baby to an adult. Their question in Tamizh is, “Amma, naan perusaana, enna thala pottupen? (What head will I wear when I grow up?)”

V(s) are brilliant like that!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

7 thoughts on “Eggs and therefore birds and babies”

  1. Smarties!! πŸ˜€
    As a kid I have asked my mom if an orange tree will grown in my stomach after accidentally swallowing a seed. But eggs -> bird is chanceless . Mr. Brilliant! πŸ™‚

  2. The birds and bees story taken to a new level !
    Boys retain innocence for much longer, don’t they? My girl knows all…she knew about how the baby came out when she was about 6, and how it got there in the first place a year back ! Yeah, early, I know..but being girl and all, I had to make her aware of good-touch-bad-touch thing early on. Until then she believed that the mom gives birth, and the dad is there merely to call the doctor.

  3. hw smart.. i completely agree with theory.. when i was kid i used ask if plant will grow inside me as i swallowed the seed of the fruits.. :). but nvr ever thought of bird.. hide and seek is the best.. hw creatively innocent kids are na.. god bless them..

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