Not ‘I’, but Ayyayo!

What was Shankar thinking making the film ‘I’? Not paying heed to some good people’s advice, the Vs’ wasted a Sunday afternoon in a theater. The kids of course enjoyed some pop corn.

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With just a little while into the movie, Varun had his first doubt. Was the man with a hunch, a ghost? Was he good or bad? The second most precious doubt was how blowing a bubble-gum would create a heart-shaped bubble? Another important doubt was if humans could really grow so much body hair. By the time we reached the song ‘Yennodu nee irundhal’, Varun was quietly weeping into his dad’s tee shirt  and with still 30 minutes to go, both, the dad and Varun left the theatre.

I’m sorry if there are any spoiler alerts, but I just can’t believe that Amy Jackson, a song on China, and model Vikram, are the only beautiful things about a ‘Shankar’ movie and that the rest of it is largely rid with grotesqueness! The portrayal of a transgender is insensitive and deplorable.  The characterization, the treatment of a transgender by the protagonist and his second fiddle, is  sickening to say the least. Again, Santhanam’s script is lacking in humor and is pathetic.

The biggest injustice in this movie is unleashing the ever-nonsensical power star on the unsuspecting audience. Only he can get more insufferable than Santhanam :/ The movie has grossed over 100 crores because of nuts like us! Serves us right.


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