Dear Big Boy Vyas, I just have to ask you two questions to see you color and wag that forefinger at me. I’ll still go ahead and ask them again. When did you grow up? And how come you are so cute (OK, that is ‘mommyspeak!’).

Your ambitions have continued to graduate from being a garbage collector and the guy who’ll man the railway level-crossing, to that of an automobile engineer. There is still a long way to go and I’d not be surprised if it changes another dozen times by the time you finish high school. I however think you’d make an awesome lawyer, specially a defense counsel 😉 Your sense of reasoning and logic is something that should go on the records.

You are ‘unaffected’ by competition. Well, is that good or bad? This mommy doesn’t know. But I’m happy that you are happy when your friends do well, and you are unassuming when you do well. Which I think is good. When I see some parents running from pillar to post, dropping and picking up their kids from various classes, there definitely is a tiny element of guilt. I’ve felt inadequate on several occasions. But you have been indifferent to all that. You are probably secretly happy that you are not saddled with classes and more classes.

You are happy because you are one of the shortest in class because you escape getting paired, specially because most girls are taller 😉 But then, I didn’t stop to tell you that ‘height’ is never a factor. Most of Tom Cruise’s heroines are taller than him 😉 I’ll however tell you when the time is ripe:) IMG-20150420-WA0003

Your brother adores you. When asked to speak about ‘a person’ he likes the most, he burst the ‘mommy-balloon’ and chose to speak about you. I was not even aware till the GA was over. He said that he did not talk about mommy, not about Mahatma Gandhi, not about Sachin Tendulkar, but spoke about his brother instead. And here I’ll quote him so we can come back to this post later and read it together again and again:

Varun: “I like my brother the most. He is my best friend. My brother plays cricket with me. He makes funny faces. I love my brother very much.”

I’ve told you always, (even before he was born), that your sibling will be your companion for life and never your competition. I’m so happy that he chose you over me (amma can be selfish and demanding, okay? yes, moms are allowed that). He wrote in his baby handwriting, wishing for your birthday. It was his special surprise for you. I’m sure you’ll always be available for him and be that unconditional source of support. By that, I don’t mean that you must constantly boss over him. I can see you roll your eyes at that piece of advice. Ok, I know you know. Still.. Be that ‘fun bro’ you always are. What is a sibling relationship without it’s share of fights? So, go on and have them. It’s okay as long as you are not tearing each other’s hair apart. But note that you’ll get yelled at in the process and you’ll be largely blamed, because you are the anna in this equation and according to the law of universe, the older siblings are usually held responsible for all that goes awry among siblings. Sometimes, it IS true, and sometimes partly true 🙂 So, yeah, life is like that! If I had to make a snapshot of your 13th year on this beautiful planet, here is what I’d pull out from the top of my mind:

  • You are very conscious when I wrap my arms around your shoulders in public
  • You have the funny habit of not logging out of your email. Dad and mom are not responsible for inadvertently landing into your mail-box..
  • You like comfortable clothes, specially a track suit and a tee.
  • You look at yourself in the mirror a little more than you did in the previous years
  • You want to sport an hairstyle like that of Ryan Teddar’s!
  • You love good food, and food shows, specially the Master Chef series
  • You make awesome dosas and sometimes offer cooking tips
  • You anxiously wait for the Autocar mag to arrive every month and religiously read through every word.
  • Wikipedia is your GOD.
  • You love using new words in speech. For instance, the other day, when we were going out for dinner with all your cousins and their families, you wore a new tee and said something about it being a little ostentatious for the occasion 🙂
  • You test the patience of your paternal and maternal aunts when they call and you end up picking the phone. They have a hard time getting one straight answer from you.
  • You know the things that’d rile up your dad or me. You ask your dad if he can pre-order the Apple Watch for you and also get the new MacBook and rattle on about its resolution, the aspect ratio, and the 9hrs battery life, even while you know what his or my response to those ‘requests’ will be 🙂 And at the end of it all, you’ll simply say, “a guy can try”!
  • You go on about the differences between and Airbus and Boeing, even when there are no listeners..
  • Your little bro hangs on every word that you utter and whatever we tell him is validated with you. Not fair! I hope you’ll use your influence well 😉
  • You like drowning yourself in books and chocolates.

I can go on except that you might not appreciate me putting some things out here. I cannot take that ‘Indian Constitution’ talk where you’d go on about individual freedom 🙂 Keep going buddy. Your are a terrific thirteen year old, with a lot of zest for life and an awesome sense of humour. This is a smitten amma talking.

Wish you a very healthy and happy life kanna. May you dream beautiful dreams, may all the dreams you want to come true, come true. May you always be surrounded by a big battalion of awesome friends. May you have the will to stand up for all the things right, and also the resolve to stand up against all that is wrong and unfair. May you always be blessed with the courage to stand up for yourself. May you be blessed with infinite capacity to forgive and empathize where needed and be available for those whom you love and those who love you. May you always be blessed with the sense to put people ahead of your ego. I love you my baby! Happy thirteenth!


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