School Stories

The six year old sometimes stumps us like a 16 year old..  Arguments, logics, thy name Varun. He seems to be a big fan of shopping online, though we haven’t got a single toy for him online. For instance, he suddenly seems to think bracelets are cool on boys and has been pestering me to … Continue reading “School Stories”

Somethings never change..

…Like our endeavouring to learn Hindi for example.. When anna has made some progress (like really being able to discern Telugu from Hindi), can thambi be far behind? To record the progress, here are some samples: 1. “Patti ke liye, AC ke liye, two minutes mien put”. (Patti insists on switching on the AC for … Continue reading “Somethings never change..”

Tat Tvam Asi – That thou art..

Preamble: 1. Hi Sanskrit, bye Hindi 2. There’s a standing instruction to Vyas to fill/re-fill himself a glass of water before he sits down for his breakfast/lunch/dinner.. And 5 out of 10 times, he forgets.. Vyas: Maa, can you fetch me a glass of water? Me: Self-help is the best help. Go, get it yourself … Continue reading “Tat Tvam Asi – That thou art..”

Delhi to Chennai- Kabuliwala

The previous parts: Part 1: A trip to Uttarakhand Part 2: A trip to Uttarakhand Part 3: Lake? What lake? Part 4: Naini Devi was Kind Part 5: V.I.P I never knew we’d get to meet one of Mamata Banerjee’s pet babies- the Duronto train from Delhi to Chennai. I only wish they’d spelled it … Continue reading “Delhi to Chennai- Kabuliwala”

Lake? What Lake? Uttarakhand – Part III

The previous parts: Part 1: A trip to Uttarakhand Part 2: Chandni Chowk to China Someone please teach me to cut down words.. Its ironic that colleagues, friends sometimes send me their drafts to cut a long story short. I started off writing one (believe me) post on a recent trip and it looks like … Continue reading “Lake? What Lake? Uttarakhand – Part III”

Asking for trouble..

Episode 1: Vyas and his cousins were watching an IPL match and refused to budge from the place. It was well past their usual bedtime. Me: Vyas, its time. You can catch the highlights tomorrow morning. Vyas: Ammaaaaa! Holidays you know! We want to watch it live. Me: (after a little while): Vyas, go hit … Continue reading “Asking for trouble..”

Tere duniya se hoke majboor chala, mein bahut dhoor

I’m disappointed. The school has provided an option to switch from the current second language to Sanskrit. And guess what? My fella has opted for the switch. Now tell me, don’t I have reasons to feel disappointed? Do you know what he has to say on this? Vyas: Amma please, I want to move to … Continue reading “Tere duniya se hoke majboor chala, mein bahut dhoor”