Brother’s prayers

“Ma, how did the baby enter your tummy?” asks the 7 yr old son. “Oh that?!! err..! That is the safe place to be in till the baby is fit enough to be ‘born’ into the world”, says me. “So, how are babies made?” the little one again. Me -“Hey, did’nt you wish for a baby sis/bro to play with? God heard your prayers and is blessing us with one”. “Ok then it must be a boy” says he. “Why so?”. “Girls always play with Barbie dolls. We’ll have more cars and bikes if its a boy”.

My son was doubly thrilled when it was a baby brother. Because God heard his prayers and blessed him with a brother and he gets to share the toys:-) Boys! And their ways!

The Big Brother Moment

Good to be back after a really loooonng break! Time flies.

As I was wheeled out of the labour room, my 7 yr old son walked along. An expression indecipherable. I should say, a mixture of anger, anxiety, confusion, a little happiness and a little loneliness. I wanted to hold him in a tight hug to show him that all was well but he would not inch closer.

He was angry because I left to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning when he was fast asleep. I did not want to disturb him and also was not sure how long it was going to take for the new baby to make an entry. The anxiety and confusion was because of the ‘wait-time’ and me being wheeled out on a stretcher like a sick patient! Yet he was happy to see me again. With so many people attending on his mom and the baby, it was not easy for him to hide the sudden loneliness. It was a ‘yeah, i’ll have to share my life with him’ kind of a moment for him. After a little coaxing, he came closer and I apologized for having left to the hospital without him. He was acting sullen for some more time but I knew that he had forgiven his dear mom and was comfortable again.

The next few days were a breeze and I saw my elder son grow into a responsible brother and establish his position as the elder son, and an adorable one! And very defining moments they have been! The best part of my hospital stay was, he made the evening Horlicks for me for the next few days and I emptied it to the last drop!

Will come back with more on this wonderful transition.

Challenge of story-telling

Story telling is at once a mixture of pain, joy, and revelation! I have been sincerely ‘story-telling’ for almost the last 6 yrs to my 6.5 yr old. And I’m the one feeling challenged at the end of it!

From small-time stories, the lill fellow has graduated to more serious stories of epic proportions- yeah you guessed it.. The Ramayana, Mahabharata et all.. Having buried all these in the remote recesses of memory which is atleast a couple of decades old, I find this exercise of going-over the stories which my grandma passed on to me and my sis, very refreshing and satisfying. There are a couple of notable differences though! One, my grandma never read from a book, and two, I never questioned the authenticity or intent of the characters or rather the supersonic characters that abound in our mythology.

So, when my grandma said that Dhritharashtra had 100 sons and a daughter, it was a fact. When i read the same to my son, pat comes the chain of questions- “Ma, were there really a hundred sons? what are all their names? did they all sleep in the same room? so lot of food will be cooked?” Yes, tough situation really!!It should have operated like a star hotel! The fact that Gandhari- the mother of the Kaurava princes- blind-folded herself because of her love and duty (or whatever)towards Dhritharashtra, came across to him as ‘plain stupid’. When asked why, he as a matter of fact said that she could have helped her husband better with her eyes open instead! And, “How come Parashurama features in both, Ramayana and the Mahabharata? Are the people from the same time period then?”. Now I have to find this out, and its my weekend homework. (A serious doubt indeed because Krishna, Rama, and Parasurama, the 3 avatars of Vishnu must have co-existed… Well, will try and post my find. Or you guys help with answers if you know..)

And darling son, the next time i decide to read something from our mythology, i’ll make sure to read the significance of the actions too and then try. Or better still, I’ll leave it to you to figure it out yourselves as you grow up and ‘enlighten’ me too! For now, i just wanted you to get acquainted with the various super-human characters in our mythology so that they all sound familiar to you when your grand-ma and grand-pa are performing their daily pooja, when all other people around you are making casual references to the 10 avatars of Vishnu, to the Mahabharatha battle, or to Rama and Ravana… Now, you may treat that as a disclaimer.. I as a child, simply enjoyed them as stories and do not expect anything more from you either:-)) You have but little choice dear… You have to put up with your well-meaning mom!!

Smoking banned?

Just a couple of days after the ban,  my husband was bringing home our son’s friend, a cute little smart 6 yr old girl as she wanted to come over to play with my son. On their way, they saw a decently dressed man- with a tie and a laptop bag- smoking in the street corner- a public place by any definition. This little girl was quick to spot the guy smoking and she boldly questioned him why he was smoking on the road as she saw the news on TV saying that people should not smoke in public!!! My husband was surprised, stunned, and happy at her level of awareness and also liked the spooky look on the guys face. It appears that the smoker was too shocked and did not know whether to drop the cigar, or reply, and was visibly embarrassed! Serves the guy right:-)

Little Flowers

Young innocent lives lost in meaningless wars, terror attacks, and retaliations!

Little flowers,
Crushed by heat,
Not of the glowing Sun,
But the seething fumes
Of sub-human wrath
That tears the soul

To prove the might!
Devouring peace of hills
And of vales
and still claim its right

Oozing from a thousand eyes
Tears tainted red
smearing the earth alike
engulfed in burning clouds
burying so many
killing the dreams
severing the petals,
stealing the home,
of the Little flowers

Eternity it seems!
When you can sow another seed
in the tarnished land
To see it grow
With eyes full of hope
To lift the gloom
Restore Peace
See the Little Flowers bloom

Person next to you…

It was a ten-days trip to Kolkatta (hope I got the spelling right) and Darjeeling. We were a team of thirty, going on a holiday. All of us were visiting this part of India for the first time.

Train travel is a mega-event in itself. We had decided to make the most of our two nights and one full day travel. There were plans for music, dance, card and chess games, snacks and what not!But for two seats, the remaining were continuous seats, in a single compartment. These two seats amidst our group was occupied by a father and a son. The man was aged around 40. It appeared that they were speaking in some other language and not Tamil. From what we heard, it sounded like Bangla, or so we presumed! We decided to request this friend to exchange our two seats with his. We were not asking him to compromise or settle for anything less. He was offered a Window seat and the one next to it. It was a cosy place. We were surprised to hear an uncompromising ‘no’ (not rude though!) from him. Obviously, we not not happy with this unfriendly person! We decided to show him that we were’nt pleased and that we considered him an hindrance.

The Howrah Mail started at around 10.30 pm or so. Originally, our plan was to start off on our fun programs the following morning after a good night’s sleep. But this man changed our minds. We started right away by playing our favourite cassette in full volume. Our claps and taps compounded to the already gruff sounding tape recorder. Our man did not flinch. We expected him to excuse himself atleast after one hour and accept our exchange offer. But here he was, reading a bound book. Never stirred for a second!! Our impatience was growing by degrees.

The war which was going without any dialog between our party and him, was now getting verbal, but only from our side and only in our local language, Tamil. One from our team was looking into our faces while calling our man all names. Another joined this game and lots of things were spoken. Blessed in the knowledge that our man did not understand what was being said of him, the game continued the whole of next day. All the while, the man was busy reading his book or was engaged in an animated conversation with his son in his language. We had no clue to learn if he was playing the same game which we were playing on him, calling us names and passing funny comments!

Next morning, the train was nearing Kolkatta, perhaps another two hours to go. Our friend got up from his seat and probably went for a wash. His book, that he was religiously holding on to, had fallen down and was open. And what did we see! It was in Tamil! I took the book and was looking at it, open mouthed when our friend returned. I’m not sure if he saw that ‘Oh No!’ look on my face. He took the book from me with a mere ‘Thanks’ and kept it aside. No expression what so ever on his face. A few minutes later, he called for our attention, in Tamil (?!) and pointed to some factory through the window. He announced (in Tamil again) that it was a liquor factory belonging to the famous Hindi actor, Danny Denzongpa!!!

He spoke a couple of sentences after that. None of us actually heard what he said, but only knew that he was talking in Tamil.

The train reached Kolkatta. We got off, and so did our friend. We parted ways. It was more than thirty minutes before we realised that none of us had uttered a word after we heard the man speak!!! What was on in his mind is still a mystery which we’ve never dared to unravel!

I’m sure he’ll never forget, but has surely forgiven.


I promised something for our office mag. Opened an editor and decided to pen ‘something’. Looked around the cubicle absently, all the while thinking on what to write. And lo! it struck. I decided to write on ‘yawning’. No friends! None of my cubicle mates inspired me to write on this subject. Such inspirations come from the self!  But if someone reading this feels that he/she was the source of inspiration, I would definitely not grudge credit!

Cursing myself for feeling so sleepy and not doing any ‘good’ thinking, I was also yawning. Why the hell am I yawning away to glory? Why am I actually not here, and nowhere else too? I was convinced that a cup of hot tea will surely do the trick (the fact being, that I was in a mood to have a tea, and did not care whether I was yawning or not!). I fetched myself a tea, and gulp.!.. it went! But my yawning din’nt! Saw a couple of faces looking at me, no, at my tirelessly yawning mouth! They seemed to be on the verge of ‘it’.  Told myself, “No, I must not yawn”! And guess what? I did not know when I stopped yawning, but I did!

And after a while, started to wonder why I was yawning in the first place? The obvious reason-sleeplessness.  But that was not true. Had a good sleep the previous night. Certainly not fatigue or sickness.Was it boredom then? Maybe. Will that cause yawning? Not sure. But there must be some reason, right? Whom to consult for help? Oh! How can I forget my wonderful friend, a friend in need!

I opened a browser, and connected to, for, the latter is ‘one’ of my friends when I’m in need! And guess what? All the links seemed to shout the answer- ‘Yawning is contagious’! Interesting! There is actually a forum discussing this ‘behaviour’!!!

Having decided to prod a little more into the details, I visited a few links. All the sites make a definitive statement on yawning being contagious. But no one knows why we actually yawn. After some effort (also to suppress yaaawwing), some scientific explanation in a site read thus:
“The brain has less need of cerebrospinal fluid to nourish the cells or to transport brain chemicals that are used in the process of processing comprehension of the stimulation…but we do, dream and move in our sleep, enough to keep CSF from becoming stagnant, yet, not enough to make the system (cerebrospinal fluid) work nominally…blah…blah.. ”
Did that make any sense to you. Well, that was a bouncer to me!! Told you, I was also busy suppressing…

I’ve seen a few other mammals yawn too. Dogs, cats, lions. Not sure if the reptiles, amphibians etc do too! Difficult to imagine a snake yawning! Needs more imagining and googling! I’m already beginning to yawn again. So, leave the rest to you. That is, if you are interested!
If you are also yawning after reading this. I read something to this effect, that is, reading on ‘yawning’ can make you yawn!

Happy yaaawning….

The Magic

What is it that he has
that i do not have,

What is it that I have
that you do not have

What is possible by him
Is possible by me.

And what is possible by me
Is possible by you.

What really matters is
What you and I want!

To him, a pinnacle is home
For you, home is the pinnacle

To him, being successful
is the pinnacle tip
For you, being happy is.

Success and Happiness!
Are they one and the same?

If different, how is it?
If same, why is it?

All Successes are not happy,
Happy ones seldom see success!

Magic lies with the other genre
That is both!
Successful and Happy!

Get in there
And see what it is.

A perfect blend
of both these ‘things’.

The feeling is great!
So Wonderful that
it makes me sing!

A starter…

I’ve been wanting to create a space on the blogosphere for a while for the following reasons:

1. to simply rant
2. to pen poems and share a few fav ones
3. to share my experiences as a momma and as a woman in general
4. to share and hear views on many other things happening to us and around us

Oh yes, and this post is to simply get me started and do something about my ‘writer’s block’. so bear with me:-)