2 States… by Chetan Bhagat – A quick review

Just finished reading the book and found myself in 2 states- smiling and not too disappointed! That said, his previous 2 books had taught me a good lesson on not to expect anything in the first place. Back then, i was again in 2, but different states- clenching my teeth, and disappointed. So, if you have not read the book yet, well you are not missing much. If you do plan to read, toe my lines, dont expect anything awesome.

It feels like walking out of a theatre after watching a usual Hindi or Tamil flick. A girl and a boy, obviously from different cultural backgrounds, rise and fall in love and the end is a mega ‘Shubham’. This is 2 States for you in a nutshell. And Chetan Bhagat has got his acts right when it comes to appealing to the young minds by liberally using a good mix of girls, booze, sex, sentiments ,a little academics and work life. The IIT, IIMA backgrounds add color to the book and the characters, while the places Ahmedabad-Chennai-Punjab serve as nice back-drop with deep contrasts- literally Red-Black-White in that order!


There can be no spoilers when reviewing this book, so let me go ahead and say it! Krish and Ananya are the two people brought together, as you know, by fate. The relationship predictably starts as a ‘friendship’ which the whole of India understands, and grows up into ‘deep-love’ and culminates in a ‘we-marry-a-family-in-india’ marriage that we are all so used to. Ananya and Krish do all it takes to win over each other’s family and Chetan spices up with all the cultural masala, and it does add some taste to the tale.

The upside is that every Romeo and Juliet in India can relate to the characters all so well and am sure there must be many parallels! Which is yet another reason why his books sell like crazy and so fast! 2 States.., like his earlier works, is a quick read and a notable positive is that you’ll not get bored. What I personally liked, (yes, i liked a few things) is the subtle humor, the all too familiar South vs North digs, the Indian obsession with ‘fair’ skin and food. I was caught laughing twice in less than 30 minutes on my bus ride home:-) Worth, since I borrowed it from my friend!

1. Good way to kill time.
2. Can be a good start for those with a ‘Reader’s Block’ (if there is such a thing)
3. You will like it if you’d once upon a time read Mills & Boons
4. Those aspiring for IIT/IIMA: You may feel pleased to know that life is colorful out there
5. If you are looking for some value, something to satiate your literaray appetite, then am sorry. This book is not for you.

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