‘The Piranhas’ – by the sonny

Note: You know what it is to write just for the sake of writing? THIS!

The little piranhas just go snap,
At the sight of a prey in lap.
In just three minutes flat,
The little piranhas go snap, snap snap.

If you dip your finger in a lake full of piranhas
Your finger’s flesh just hang out right.
The only fear the piranhas really have,
Are that of blue whales which swallow their like.

I wouldn’t like to dip my hand,
In a bucket full of those snappy-snappers.
If you would like to dip yours in a bucket of piranhas
Just contact me flat, flat, flat..

– By Vyas

He has to end it like that- By Vyas and all that! And what he would do if anyone contacts him, am sure even he has no clue!

PS: He tells me that the English teacher had asked them all to write a poem. So, he chose to write about Piranhas of all things!

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