Two in one

My to-be-terrible-two-year-old has taken upon himself to be nice and learn the alphabet, some rhymes, compose tunes and sing, tell stories (in his own dialect) and spot letters anywhere and everywhere.

He looks at the newspaper, points randomly somewhere and says “amma, aeee, beee, chee”. Sees the credits rolling on TV and excitedly calls out “amma, dho paaru a, beee chee”. And then there are the neon signs on the road, name boards, books- its all texts everywhere, and well, they all are plain “a, beee, chee” for him. In short, he seems to understand the a b cs of life, and probably wonders what/why everyone around him is struggling to decipher!!

At bed time, his anna asks him to sing, and the doting thambi rattles off like this with a raising intonation:

aaaee, beee, cheeee, deee, eeee, eppppp, jheeeee, yechh, aaii, jae, kaaaay, elllalllalllopeee,
elllalllalllopeee koooo aaaur yeshhhh teeee ooooooo, dubloooo huccha buccha allll alll dhaam!

And is nearly breathless when he is drawing to a finish!

That is ore-kallu-le-rendu- maanga, ek theer se dho shikar, two birds with one stone etc..