When Peter Varun does a short U.S.of A tour…

…. he begins to think he has lived there forever. Even if it was just for 3 weeks.

The first noticeable change is the long drawl whenever the fella speaks.

1. Am caaaaameen (am coming)
2. I jhounch naaauu (I don’t know)
3. Am leeezneen (am listening)

…. you get the drift?

The best (so far) came last night when the daddy V played the usual songs at bedtime and ‘Kurai Ondrum Illai’ by M.S is one of them. Varun usually sings along though he doesn’t get all the words right. Last night however, he said this:

“Heiii Dadjh, I like only Eenglish songs. Styleeesh. Not theeze Ummachi Paats!–> Hey Dad, I like only English songs. Stylish. Not these Ummachi (Tamil slang for devotional) songs!

I ain’t gonna take’m to the foreign land any sooner!

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