Gift of the gab

Varun: What?! U.K.G means going to school every day?! No way!

Me: Err… ummm.. It is not like….

Vyas (interrupting my defence): No da Varun.. You don’t have to go everyday. UKG means, 5 days school and 2 days holidays. And the process repeats. Again 5 days school and 2 days holidays and so on. After a few cycles like that, you’ll get about 50 days holidays and you’ll be in the 1st grade!

Varun is convinced. Only, I don’t know why!

Anna All-rounder!

On a cold working day… What? You are not buying the ‘cold working day’ because I’m talking about a day in Chennai?.. Well, it can be a cold working day in Chennai if you are inside my new office premises (same company though) when the AC temperature is set to make your fingers and mind go numb… Well, I digress..

So where was I? Yeah, so on one such day, the sonny boy calls up after he is back from school.. Which by itself is unusual.. He used to call once in a while to ask if he could take a bar of chocolate.. But that was when he was a small boy till a few months back.. Now, this big boy calls and asks me to guess why he called.. It was not chocolates, not a sleep-over at his friend’s, no beyblades, no books, no pizza.. And the amma gives up..

And then, my dear boy tells me on phone that he was awarded the ‘All Rounder’ prize for the last academic year!!! The mommy as expected, reacted with a stupid- “Really? Wow!!”, but it was lined with 200% enthusiasm!Really! Vyas on the other end reacted with, “Yesss ma! You know what, when the teacher read out my name, I thought there surely was a mistake”!! Trust my boy to say just that.. He really takes after me and ONLY me!!

I’d be lying if I were to say that it didn’t matter to him or me, though this was never the goal we ‘chased’.. It is a happy moment for the V-family:) He did not want any of us coming to watch the prize distribution, but we all sneaked in without a noise and cheered every kid that walked the stage..

What this prize means to Vyas: Varun will not be refused admission for the coming academic year by virtue of his anna being an all-rounder;)

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