Give me red!

Varun is clear about not only adding colours to our lives, but to himself as well! When asked what he was up to, he thweethly answered: “amma, dhedhu kallal kothinen maa.. ellaa kallal aakkithen” – spilled red color ma. smeared it all over myself!

He was clad in a red tee, and with the vermilion all over his person, he was quite a sight. Clicked this before soaking him in a tub full of Surf Excel and scrubbing it away!

What is your name?

The question we most dreaded during Vyas’s interview for school admission was : “What is your name?” You could win a bet hands down that this is the most creative, important, 9 out of 10 times probable question, our people would pose at a 3 yr old.

While most kids would enthusiastically mention their names for an answer, or at the most remain glum, Vyas insisted on being a little different. He’d say, “Hi! Am mookkunondi!*”- Tanglish for one who pokes the nose- literally i mean!! This because one of us adults, with the good intention of wanting to dissuade him from the act, told him that people will call him by this name if seen poking the nose! The name probably sounded very chivalrous back then and caught his fancy! An ordeal we survived for nearly an year. And fortunately, he was not asked this question during the interview!!

Till a few weeks back I was happy that Varun did not even know of such interesting possibilities and kept bragging to all and sundry on how nicely he is trained on blowing his nose during his bath. When there is a bubble, it has to burst, say the wise. It did. He’s experimenting with the forefingers of both hands and alternating the nostrils.. Eeeekkkk!! This time around, I will not make the same mistake of uttering the blasphemous word! He is already saying a big ‘Hi!!’ when greeting his friends!!

Knowledge upgrade pack from anna

The ‘big brother’ has imparted considerable knowledge to the younger sibling the past X-mas vacation. A sample of the addition to the little one’s vocabulary:

1. yelai, enna lei (a dialect of Tamizh loosely translating to – hey, what is it)

2. Sonnommule (see, i told you!)

3. annathe, enna annathe (what is this brother?!)

4. vaenaa, pichipuduve, pichhi! (I’ll rip you apart)

5. enthira. enthira, enthira enthira, enthiraaaaaaaaa,, followed by arima arima (no prizes for guessing this one)

6. ayyyo! potanda! (response to the center fresh ad on TV where the dad slaps the son)

7. aathaadi! (an expression expressing surprise! and even a mundane thing like a fan running when switched on, seems to surprise the two!!)

8. Aiyae, gummnnu iru (shut up)

Am unable to recollect few others like these. I have no idea from where he picked up these gems! I like only the ‘aathadi’ sound from this list! The rest? Well…..


Gone are the days when we cheered every time he uttered a new word. Now, the words come in pairs, or sometimes even small sentences! So its cheer-o-cheer!

Few Varunspeaks (for the record)

chonna kelu!! (listen to me!)

anna chaem , puppy chaem (deliberately breaks into the bathroom when the anna is enjoying his bath, and provokes him with – shame shame. anna turns a deep red, and mommy daddy get a earful from him for letting the cheeky thambi in!)

annnaaaa, chykill otthu. punnadhi okkaacchi (at which the anna has to chauffer around the thambi in the rear basket of the tri-cycle)

annaa chkoollukku paettaan (weeps saying anna has left to the school)

thomaa podhu (play Thomas the Tank Engine)

chappalle podhu. offichu po! (wear your chappal and go to work)

amma, taemu aachhi amma (randomly says ‘its time’, with emphasis on ‘amma’)

amma, pashikarudhu amma (feigns hunger and says it in a mild,secretive tone)

chappale onga podhu (insisting on fastening the strap on his chappel properly)

chappale kaittu (remove footwear)

ooncha cheekam cheekam (in a hurry to piss!)

thodadhe. ooo chudadhu (don’t touch. its hot)

kaamma ikku (its spicy!)

appa vandhutta: (cheers up on seeing appa back from work)

cau-le ponum, chootelle ponum (wants an outing in car or bike)

bean-back-le okachi (when he wants to sit on the bean bag)

chatte podhu, jheenchu podhu (wants to dress in a Tee and jeans!)

penchil yenum, bookku yenum, pennu yenum (wants anna’s pencils, books, pens)

thatha thoongittaan, paatti thoongittaan, anna thoongittaan, anun (Varun) thoongittaan (all are asleep, including himself, even as he is saying it:))

The longest sentence however is this and says it with the fist tightly closed:

hammaaaa, chummmaaaa… eppo paathaalum… pottenna yendu! (rough translation: you! creating a ruckus all the time… will give you a slap or two! Which by the way is the exact same words thaatha uses on him!!)

When caught in a moment of bhakthi, he’ll strike a pose with the hands clasped tight and go mumbo-jumbo with ‘shanka chakka’, ‘gopala’ scattered in between: courtesy paatti reciting Mahalakshmi Ashtaka Sthothram everyday!!

To Varun: Pappu, I know your vocabulary is even more vast and wish I could capture every bit of it here so we could come back and read together after, maybe a few years! There are many things that appa and I don’t get to hear during the day. Save them, or bestow us with a recap when we are home, will ya?!

Diwali is not over yet!

One of Varun’s fav breakfast combo is poooyee – chaach (poori and tomato sauce). After he is done with the pooris, you’ll find him licking away the last bit of sauce on his fingers.

The scene however was a little different this morning. He got hold of a long straw from a broom and diligently dipped one end of it in the left over tomato sauce, faked lighting a cracker with the right arm stretched forward and the left behind, his knees bent at that angle. He apparently set fire on that apocryphal cracker and backed away. And there, the crackers went damaal, dimeel, damaal. Virtually. Several times.

He said a sentence! Or two?

Varun is saying a few words and I thought this must be the right time to get his tongue roll well. Initiating a string of simple words seemed a bright idea and so I got him to look at me and said this very simple sentence for him to repeat:

“Betty bought some butter, the butter was so bitter. So she bought better butter to make the bitter butter better”.

He looked at me for a second longer and beautifully reproduced it like this:

” dhad dhad dhad dhad dhurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddd”

Howww eeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz eett?

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