If you have a dud for a mom…

….. this is what will happen..

In a weak moment, I yelled at Vyas for something and let loose the word ‘R A S C A L’… and have regretted ever since.. Not because Vyas took offense.. To him it is as good or bad as calling him a donkey or monkey.. He’d not mind simply because he knows the age-old formula of countering with- yes, a monkey’s child can only be a monkey etc.. Only that he’d mostly be muttering under his breath and not saying it aloud.. The word ‘rascal’ itself doesn’t mean much in many Tamil households because of the several lighter and common contexts in which it is used and our household is no exception… (yeah, we preserve some ‘culture’:)) For instance- *thiruttu rascal, badava rascal/rascoal etc are even used ‘fondly’ and it is never to be taken at its face value.. Not to justify what I did.. still..

I never noticed the little brat taking in the scene.. He just caught onto the word as if it were the first lesson he had in speaking! A while later, when I didn’t budge for some demand of his (which is increasing by the day!), he said ‘rascal’ and that too with an angry face.. I knew I’d lost it.. Diversion was not working this time.. And then a whacky idea struck and I challenged him with ‘RASAGULLA’ in response! He was floored:) Vyas tried hard to contain his giggles but couldn’t hold it for long.. Now when he is in mood for tantrums- he shows a finger (thankfully the fore-finger) and swears by RASAGULLA. So the amma has formally inducted her little son into the world of profanity with swear words which are now limited to RASAGULLA and GULAB JAMUN.. The list is bound to grow..

*Variations of ‘rascal’ but used fondly