Craft using thermocol

After much contemplation, I decided to ask Vyas if we shall do some craft work using thermocol. I told him that there is a Shruti aunty holding some contest on the web and if he helped, we could come up with something. He immediately suggested we do a model train with an engine, a coach and 8 pairs of wheels. He hunted for something in his room and came up with a thermocol used for packaging for a toy, I guess a remote-operated car.

So, coming up is our entry for the Arstsy Craftsy challenge:


Went to a shop on my way back from work, got a couple of quick-fix tubes and fevicol. I already had some fabric, poster, and glass paints and decided to manage with what we had. After dinner, we cut something like the body of an engine and another simple rectangle for a coach and managed to cut nearly neat circles for the wheels. Then glued the engine and the body first, then the wheels and decided to proceed after it really gets fixed. Keeping Varun at bay while we were at it was a big challenge. After 30 mins, we took out the colors, brush et al, and what did we find? The quick-fix had eaten into the thermocol!! And the pieces where lying few millimeters apart!! Disappointed! We abandoned the rest of the work for the night!

The whole week went by and we did not have a bigger piece intact. I had to buy on one of the days if I managed to reach home early, and so deferred the affair for the weekend. Wanted to try something more easier and simpler as Sunday was the only day available. Shruti had done some painting and craft with thermocol plates and thought I’ll try something on the same lines. And this is what we came up with on Sunday.

A decorative tray, a candle holder, a flower… call it anything.

It took around 10 minutes to cut the 2 plates. I originally wanted to stack one on top of each and arrange it like a flower-vase. But like the individual products better:)

For coloring the base for the pink one, I used green fabric color with fevicol. The rest of the colors (the yellow, red, pink etc) are a mix of Fevircryl glass colors and a pink left-over color from an embossed painting kit. Coloring took 10 mins for each plate and the drying time was about 1 hour. The total making time was 50 minutes for both put together. Vyas colored the pink flower and part of the base plate for the yellow one.


Yellow flower tray

1.Cut 2 inches deep along the lines in the plate.
2.Lift the alternate strips slightly with your fingers.
3.Color based on your gut feeling:) to please your eyes.
4.Color another plate for the base with alternate color and decorate as desired.
5.After the base plate dries, glue a bottle lid (juice or a pickle bottle lid) to the center.
6. Fix the top flower designed plate to this lid.

The flower tray is ready.

Thermocol craft : flower tray
Thermocol craft : flower tray

Pink lotus candle holder

1. Cut along a lines a little deeper leaving a small circle in the middle.
2. Lift the alternate strips as above.
3. Slip an unused think bangle pulling the centre strips inside so that the strips are brought closer like a bud.
I used an wooden bangle which was a little big for me:)
4 Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 above.

Thermocol craft : Candle holder
Thermocol craft : Candle holder

Cutting smaller circles and stacking one on top of the other must look good. Must try. Kids in the age group 7 to 10 will find it easy.

More pics:

Thermocol craft : Candle holder & Tray
Thermocol craft : Candle holder & Tray
Thermocol craft : the four plates
Thermocol craft : the four plates
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