Tat Tvam Asi – That thou art..


1. Hi Sanskrit, bye Hindi

2. There’s a standing instruction to Vyas to fill/re-fill himself a glass of water before he sits down for his breakfast/lunch/dinner.. And 5 out of 10 times, he forgets..

Vyas: Maa, can you fetch me a glass of water?

Me: Self-help is the best help. Go, get it yourself (ya, amma trying to outdo the son’s laziness )

Vyas: *Manava seva, Madhava seva! Now, please ma, a glass of water?

*Service to fellow humans is equal to serving the lord.. Our man plays on ‘Manava’ pun (Sanskrit and manav- Hindi, for student)


An intentional error

Anya Purushaha (All men) becomes Anyaaya Purushaha (Unjust men). For once, I agree 😉

An unintentional error

Gardabaha (donkey) becomes garbaha (pregnant?)

Peter Varun

1. Ma, I’m lub you.

2. I’m bournvita milk.

3. I’m auto.

4. I’m angry/happy/sad

5. I’m cry.

6. I’m fast (I’ll ride fast, I’ll eat fast etc..)

Yes. THAT, thou art!

Yaer-cutting man

We have progressed from iron-man to barber. Given his penchant for stylish saloons, this career path is least surprising:)

He deftly handles his plastic scissors and instructs his patti to sit straight and he wants to ‘try’ a new hair-do.. Patti has just heard blasphemy and is mortified! She is pleading with him to let go.. and tries to reason saying he must not do it as it will hurt..

Amma is all game because what remains in the scalp now is just a suggestion of tresses that were.. Allow me to brag at this point about the rapunzellish (but the braid touching a little below the thigh) hair that suffered the treatment of fenugreek, hibiscus, mehendi, white-pepper, poppy-seeds, egg whites and yellows, shikkakai, ‘poongangai’ and such.. sigh!! [Reminds me of Uma’s story..]

Enough digression! So where was I? Yes, amma is a willing ‘customer’.. “Maa, ippi okachi sayya?” (ma, sit like this ok? and demonstrates), he says, showing me how i must relax on the chair.. I ask him if I can lie down on the pillow.. and market the idea that a head rested on a pillow is the best position.. He agrees..

He pulls a small towel from the cupboard and puts it on his shoulder.. perhaps to look busy.. He goes ‘kachack kachack’, implying he is at the snipping job.. Once done, he examines by coming to the front, running a comb through my hair, pulls the towel that he put purposefully on his shoulder, and begins dusting my neck, face, front, shoulders, the pillow, and the wall behind me. And declares, ‘hmm.. aachi sir. neenga polaam’ (its done sir, you may go now). No fees people. Yes, absolutely free… Wanna try? He doesn’t know to massage though.. If you can adjust…?

Image- http://www.toondoo.com

Asking for trouble..

Episode 1:

Vyas and his cousins were watching an IPL match and refused to budge from the place. It was well past their usual bedtime.

Me: Vyas, its time. You can catch the highlights tomorrow morning.

Vyas: Ammaaaaa! Holidays you know! We want to watch it live.

Me: (after a little while): Vyas, go hit the bed! Its time!

Vyas: OK.

(disappears into the bedroom and comes back in less than 40 seconds)

Vyas: I did.

Me: What?!!

Vyas: I hit the bed. Twice.

Appa is literally ROTFL-ing! J.O.K.E it seems!

Episode 2:

The school has handed out a few sheets of holiday homework… no boring stuff .. It has a crossword, some puzzles and English, Hindi brush-up.. Vyas and his cousin Keshav (they are just two months apart )have been extra noisy this holidays. Keshav has relocated to Chennai from Saudi this year. To shut them up, I reminded about the holiday homework and promised to make another copy of the sheets for Keshu too so he can brush up before the school re-opens.

The two exchanged meaningful glances and,

Vyas: Ok da Keshu. Come, let us write. Don’t forget to pick up a brush da.

Keshu: What are you saying da?

Vyas: Amma says, we need to brush up.. you get it?

This time Keshu does ROTFL-ing, a little jig, and they both tap, clap and boo me!

More ruckus with the little BEE joining in! BRATS!

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