Let us count our blessings!

Vyas and his classmate Teju had to represent their class for an inter-class competition in a general assembly and each had to come up with a chart in keeping with the theme of a poem. He was informed just 2 days before the event which was a very short notice and it was in the mid of the week. And as usual, our man forgot to tell me about it. He remembered the day before the event and called me up saying I must buy a chart on my way home. He wouldn’t tell me why and what he had put on the chart. Just that he had to do it for a poem. I could not think up any ideas as he wouldn’t give me any further information.

I reached home at around 8.00 PM with a chart paper and asked him to recite the poem to help me think up some ideas. It happened to be a prayer thanking God for all the niceties in life! I asked him what we were supposed to do. “Something ma. Let us make it simple. Let’s draw the night, the morning, and a person being kind to somebody, and just some kids playing”. “And haaaannn, also someone eating or sleeping”. And he calls that ‘simple’. As usual, with Varun around, there was no way we could roll out the chart on the floor or open a color pencils box. He loves to ‘contribute’ that way! He will exactly choose such days to stay awake well past his bedtime. Thatha is the default savior during such a crisis. Having locked up thatha and Varun in thatha’s bedroom, we settled down to start on the project.

More ideas kept coming from the man like I should have got a blue colored chart or a white one instead of yellow. I could have thought of buying 2 -3 colors, including a black chart. Would have been easier to represent the night! Thank you. It was 10.30 PM and he was yawing away and a lot of effort went into keeping his eyes open. By this time, I had the picture encyclopedia, digest, comics, storybooks, a dozen random stuff spread around me for ideas. I cannot draw anything ‘extempore’, especially when there is a deadline! And here he was ushering me to draw a thin outline fast and that he would color it. I asked him to go to bed and let me ‘think’ and come up with something. “Are you sure ma?” asked the cheeky fellow, too glad for the offer despite my earlier warning. So, off he went and hit the bed.

After rummaging through half-a-dozen books for ideas, came up with this. It was 1.45 AM when I finished and was still not sleepy:). It is not professional I know but thoroughly enjoyed doing it and was certified -SUPER by my son. And he happily passed on the credit to his mom when his teacher asked him!! Now how can I stay away from such opportunities? Tell me!

Lets count our blessings!

PS: The title of this post was the title on the chart and is the only connection to the post!

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