‘August’ Entry for Artsy Craftsy :-)

We made a couple of cards and puppets. The cards were easy to make and took less than 15 minutes each. Vyas took a little longer to cut out the puppet shapes, but did that fully on his own.. Seems like a nice craft for the age group 5 to 9..


Materials used: Shells of pistachios for the petals, green grams for the leaves, yellow mustard seeds for the pollen, a thread colored green for the stalk (did not have a green thread, so colored it) . Just stuck all these together using fevicol glue.

Ice cream:

Materials used: Pencil shaves for the ice cream scoops, a small piece of yellow scrap paper for the cup.

Greeting Cards

Puppets: Lion and the Frog

Materials used: Paper plates, a night-bulb carton, crayons for coloring

Vyas drew the faces of a lioness and a frog onto a paper plate. Colored and cut the shapes and ‘dug’ holes for the eyes. Then glued a strip each cut from the carton for the puppet handle….

Lion and the Frog

There was an another card that Vyas made using the pencil shaves and he’d written : HAPPY EX-DEPENDENCE DAY! on it. Whatever that is!! He put it away somewhere and scooted to his cousin’s place last night. Could not find it in the ‘possible’ holes, so no pics:-( Now, over to Shruti!

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