Assignment for the dad

My husband and I had decided on taking turns to attend the observation day in school recently. The first session was dad’s time in class and I attended the rest. Vyas was mighty excited about his dad coming to school and a straight recap of the convo between the two:

Vyas: Appa, jolly. You’ll be in my class tomorrow.

Dad: Yeah. Am excited too. Will study in class 3 all over again:)

Vyas: Hope you get ready properly then. Its obvious that you cannot come like this.

Dad: (thinking that the boy was referring to his tee and veshti ) What do you mean I should get ready?

Vyas: You must look smart paa. And do something about your tummy will ya?!

Dad : (zapped , clueless) What do you want me to do?

Vyas: Well, I don’t know. Do something, but make sure you have a flat tummy!

Truth is bitterly funny even if taken with a grain of salt!

Words of Wisdom.

The name Hidimbi conjures up images of a strong, intrepid, willful women. Whenever I see Aashi, I think of Hidimbi:) I dare not tell her for the fear of her unleashing more words of wisdom as in cases like these:

My sis Nitu, was all set for a short trip with her colleagues and it was her first time away from her kids for a couple of days. As the day of journey was nearing, Aashi wanted to know how long she was really going to be away. The wise mom tried to make it sound very simple and short and said, “I’m leaving on Thursday, will be there on Friday, will start from there on Saturday and will be back here on Sunday. That is all, am not away for long” . The counter from Aashi:”You don’t say it like that. Tell me clearly that you are away for three nights”! A ‘bulb-moment’ for my sis!

Aathrey, Vyas and Ashi were having their evening cup of ‘Bournvita’ at my sister’s house. Vyas found the drink very yummy and said “semma taste ille? (Doesn’t it taste great?)” to no one in particular. The Hidimbi of a sister’s pointed response was, “Try having the same drink every day. Taste ellam waste -nnu solluve (you will find the taste a waste )”!

When Nitu starts for work, Aashi ‘parrots’ all the instructions she receives:”Amma, eat slowly. There is time. Have you packed your lunch? Don’t forget to eat it and then give excuses of a busy day at work. Will you be late? Come soon so we can have a moonlight dinner!”

The word ‘No’ or any words remotely close to ‘denial’, does not exist in the dictionary of the dad when it comes to his daughter. When the family goes shopping, you will find the mom and son busy hunting down for items that does not pinch the pocket while this little devil would have quietly partnered with the dad and would have sneaked to the most expensive corner, picking up her nth Barbie doll. The mommy will discover the loot only after they leave the billing counter or sometimes only after they reach home! Every word the mommy utters for the next 2 hours will fall on deaf ears:-)

Am waiting for the little girl to hit her teens so that I can do the ‘periamma’s’ bit in spoiling her and take my sister’s level of patience to an all-new high:-)