Destiny Farmstay – Ooty

It is a miniature heaven on earth. A short team trip and I’d dragged along my two attachments much against the appa’s wishes who had planned a private outing with the elder one! The kutties were royally pampered by every colleague on the trip and never for a moment did I regret taking them with me!

Vyas participated in almost every activity and never once turned to me for any kind of support. In fact he was acting like an adult instructing mommy to take away Varun as he was getting too close to the bon-fire and on another occasion reminding her not to let go off the little brother’s hand even for a moment in the railway station! Amma being the amma, gave him an earful and reminded him how important it is to mind one’s own business and how essential it is for a 9 yr old to act just that age! Ummmm… looks like the bird is ready to take flight from the nest..

He played cricket and other group games, trekked, walked long distances, enjoyed every minute of the trip, and helped me without a fuss. As always, on the day of our return, he wanted to time-travel to the day we reached the resort:)

Varun was soooper cooperative and the emergency baby-food that I’d carried was never used. Of course I carried oranges and he feasted on them! He was otherwise busy posing for cameras and got busy watching the ducks, rabbits, sheep, birds, riding a horse . “Naan ‘pissing’ panne” he says to explain that he went fishing!! The Vs being ardent Ahimsa-vaadhis, never caught a single fish. We waited for the fishes to come and chew away the bait that we so painstakingly put on the bait hook! Varun considered it a brilliant idea to turn the pond water murkey so you have trouble spotting a fish. So he religiously kept digging the fishing rod into the pond for nearly an hour. The Vs are sure that many in the group had put some quick-fix-glue with the bait, the only logical reason explaining how the same people kept catching the same set of fishes again and again and again and kept dropping them back into the pond!

I enjoyed a Tyroline-ride (which made Vyas jealous and Varun cry- ammaaaa pogaaadhe…. – kids were not allowed on this rope ride), good food, horse-ride, long walks, cozy stay, and two peaceful unhurried morning tea gazing at the 6.00AM Ooty Sun, in solitude,taking in every scene around me for a full 100 minutes!!

If you are planning a vacation to Ooty, Destiny Farmstay is worth a visit. You can also try Parsn Valley- an equally quiet and beautiful place. Both these places are a little off Ooty and helps you unwind! There isn’t much habitation for a few kms around both these places. So remember to carry a first-aid kit and some dry food if you are taking kids along.

Leaving you with some pics from the trip: courtesy friends! The trucks you see in the pictures are said to have been used in the Kargil war. The last 2 kms journey to this destination is on this vehicle. The resort folks provide a safe shed to park your vehicle and arrange to pick you up from this point. Regular vehicles will refuse to move on this no-road-only-rocks stretch. This is the only bit that scared Varun and every time he spotted the trucks he kept saying, “amma, lawwyeeele po aenndaa maa” (amma, let us not take the lorry!).

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