Introducing another poet..

This is by my dearest Aashi.. Tinkle overdose surely 😉

My wonderful dream..

When I was sleeping late at night
I heard someone call my name
I opened my eyes and saw
Suppandi, sitting on his watch,
Saying” iam on time!”

I looked around, to find
Raghu looking very sad
And Tantri creating a bomb!
Doobdoob and Chamataka
How happy for once, together!

Kaliya, Keechu and Meechu
Were not far behind!
Shambu, standing with his gun
And Shanti, still behind him
Pyarelal and Lajawanthini
Tapping on my head, lightly
Kapish standing with Pinto
And smiling with Singal and Peelu

When I opened my eyes for real
They all whispered goodbye!!!
What a wonderful dream, it was
Will I ever meet them all again???

Dream all you can!

I’m a dreamer. Literally! I wake up into this world from a parallel world every morning. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, nightmares mostly, some very funny! But two funny instances in my family have stood out and is the prime topic of discussions when we cousins meet!!

1. My cousin J used to live in Palayamkottai before her marriage. It was a typical agraharam house with the rooms lined one behind the other, a huge backyard, a common wall shared with the neighbors, and really felt ‘home’. But for the kitchen and the bathrooms, the rest of the rooms were multi-purpose. A huge almirah stood in one of the rooms adjacent to the kitchen and the plates used for having food were stacked under this. We had to pull out a plate, wash it, have lunch/dinner, and put it back in the same place. The house was always full of people visiting and staying over for a holiday etc and so people slept anywhere they liked. J slept in the ‘almirah-room’. Around mid-night, her dad heard some rattling sound in the room and was sure it
was rats. A rat it was, a 5 ft one, clothed, eyes closed, with the plate in the hand and eating away a dinner that was not there!!!:)) J ‘finished’ her dinner and religiously put the plate back in the same place and continued her sleep!

2. My sis Nithya was once obsessively collecting coins and she used to count it everyday to make sure it was all in tact and you must see her beam with pride if the count had swelled. They were always kept in a fancy kids hand bag that could be opened just with a flip. She was around 11 then and we’d been to our cousin’s house for a vacation. After a long game of cards through the night (my sis was an ace in card games!), we all hit the bed late and the sis was asleep in an instant. An hour later, we heard her count 1, 2, 3, 4 … for a while and in the dim light from the streets, we all gathered around to see her count the coins from the bag, eyes still shut tight!!!

The following night, in her sleep she yelled, “What da Shankar! You dropped the joker da!”. Obviously after playing quite a few rounds of Rummy!!

3. My friend JC has already had a few dreams, mostly connected to work-place, few of which are close to turning true:) So, she has strict orders to dream up only good things. A fat appraisal for herself and her friends for instance:)

Mine are mostly nightmares:) Before marriage, it was someone kidnapping my sis or an accident. Post marriage, it is losing my kids in a crowd or in a forest or maze! Or, I try to alight from a train, but it never stops in the station where I want it to and my people are waving frantically from the platform! Am attributing all these nightmares to the insecure feeling that I always have about my kids.


One funny dream though was that of my partner getting married to someone else and yours truly greeting everyone happily on the occasion! Woke up a tad disappointed to find myself still in the marriage. The hubby was (is?) hopeful of another chance though:)

Some real-life situations seem so familiar and predictable and I have wondered if I’d dreamt those things earlier. Many are seasonal; during work deadlines, its either about getting late to the office, forgetting to check-in something, getting into the wrong bus, not packing lunch for my son etc. During festivals or holidays, it about waking up late, or burnt food! Nothing to say if its a season of kids sickness!

What about you? Do you dream? And how often do you dream? Funny ones that you’d care to share? Wish you all a happy dreamy weekend!

Small Savings Big Dreams!

Winnie-the-phooh is one happy, nicely fed, big-sized kiddy bank. He is the owner’s pride. Vyas takes care of Winnie by feeding him with the ‘disowned’ coins in the house and with a lot of Rupee notes sourced from grand-parents, aunts, uncles and sundry. Before Winnie entered his life, there was another little over-fed porcelain boy. It needed just one more coin to burst him. That was when my friend Rajavel gifted this kiddy bank to Vyas, which he bought on one of his trips abroad. In hindsight, I think Raj should have gifted himself one too for reasons best known to him:-)

Vyas has developed a penchant for saving ever since this bank arrived and we are very happy at the progress both are making:-) The curiosity bug bites me often and I ask him what he plans to do with the money he saves. He comes up with different answers each time. Am listing a few that I remember:

The happy bank1. Will save ‘enough’ money so that we can visit the UK and take a ride on the famed Thomas The Tank Engine train. He sourced the train information from the net when he was at some games in the Thomas… website.

2. Build a house each for his parents, grand-parents and for himself. And he’ll build it with his own hands.

3. Cars fascinate him. And so, he is going to save ‘lots and lots’ of money to buy a BMW top-open!! Even the idea of buying over a dozen Nanos in place of a BMW did not appeal to him.

4. A laptop all for himself. He can load his favorite games, and google for Power-rangers videos which is banned at home!

5. And this is the second best: He will use it to fund his business! He will design and sell a computer called ‘GENIUS’ which will be like Windows. He will set up a shop from where people can buy Genius. He will also provide a variant called JAEFFER, like Vista or Windows 7 he says!! I have no clue from where he invented these names! And his brother Varun can join him and together they will set up a huge establishment with glass doors et al!!

6. This is the best and my favorite. And a practical one. He wants me to set up a small library for him in our house. The library must have nice sliding glass doors. The lower racks will have books for his tiny brother so that he can reach easily. He will use the rest of the space to stock his collection!

While the mommy in me wants every one of his dreams realized, am seriously considering helping him with the last one. Will come back and tell you guys when it is ready.

Dream more dreams dear son for, sky is the limit! And follow them too…

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