Another *Peter in the making

These days, its common to find Varun *’peter-vuttufying’. For instance, “Amma, waataavu dooving?” is something he likes to say often. Translation: Amma, what are you doing?

A convo

Amma: Varun is a ….?

Varun: Gubboy! (good boy!)

Amma: Varun is a very…?

Varun: very very gubboy!

Amma: Varun, where is the door?

Varun: It ees yeer (It is here- shows the door)

Amma:Very good! Where is the chair?

Varun: It is yeer! (points at the chair). Ummmm.. Where is the baashket? (eying his school basket, which is placed next to his anna’s lunch basket)

Amma: You tell me.

Varun: It is yeer! very very good!

Amma/Varun: clap! Clap!

Varum: Ummm.. Where is ‘innoru’ baashket? (looks at his anna’s basket. innoru- another:))

We have a laugh! And just then, the dad walks-in.

Amma: Where is appa?

Varun: It is yeer!!

PS: * Tamil slang mocking at people speaking in English..