Tenali – Bhayam 1

“Ellaam siva mayam endru solluvaargal. Aanaal, enakku ellaam bhayamayam” is a fitting intro to the other (Tenali) side of my otherwise brave boy Vyas:)

Vyas had a regular visitor peeking at him from the wall whenever he stepped into the loo. No, not lizards, cockroaches or the like. It was Kamsa with a ‘golden gadhai’ or the mace! “Amma, please stand guard at the door” he used to plead.

Me: How can he? Isn’t he dead?
Vyas: I don’t know. He comes and grins evilly.
Me: Smile back or kick him then.
Vyas: I can’t! Am scared.
Me: It’s your imagination. You are imagining it because you have been watching/reading the story of Krishna!
Vyas: But I also watch Ben10!
Me: You are probably thinking about the inexorable ways of Kamsa?
Vyas: It’s all because of that stupid prophecy!
Me: Of his death?
Vyas: Yesssss. Why was he warned about Devaki’s child?
Me: Ummm… (I too wonder why…)
Vyas: He would not have killed all those babies at least!
Me: You have a point. But first things first. Are you done?
Vyas: Wait till I flush!

Varun’s coming has somehow magically relieved us of the role of ‘Dwarapalakas’. The little one now plays that part instead:) Yes, he stands guard right from the time the anna brushes his teeth, till he packs up his books late in the evening after his school work and puts off the light in his room! “Aei Varun, anna kooda andha room-kku variyada?” the elder one would ask if he has to get to his room after dusk. The little one is ever obliging and trots after (or sometimes leads) the anna!! A sight to behold.

PS: Do share your side of the stories!