Our Adventure with The Blue Carbuncle

My friend Geetha and I were occupying the last but one bench in our 8th standard classroom. The two of us get on like a house on fire even now! It was our English class and we had a wonderful, beautiful teacher. If I remember right, the lesson in progress was ‘The Blue Carbuncle’, an adventure by Sherlock Holmes.

Burying our faces behind the text book, Geet and I were busy chatting. Must have been about some silly TV program, for the teacher called out to Geet and asked her to summarize the story! We did not hear of course till the person next to her ‘elbowed’. The whole class, other than me, roared with laughter when she started her story with, “This part of the program was brought to you by…”!! Of course, I still had no idea that the teacher had called out her name, and we were clue-less about what was asked! What made it worse was our classmate, Veeramani, seated in the last bench was trying to be helpful by calling our attention to the text book we had held open. We had been holding it upside down! Everyone, the teacher included, had a hearty laugh and that was punishment enough! Not that we amended our ways.. Still…

You see, not only ignorance, but oblivion too is bliss:-)

Love stories

Seething with rage and teary eyed, I held out a chit to my mom. On it was written: “I Love You. Sajju”! This was when I was 7 or 8 maybe! Just before our summer vacations began. The anger hit a new peak when my mom laughed so much that she was in tears and then said it was OK to be loved! The flame must have died very soon for I do not remember seeing Sajju when I was back after the holidays..

A couple of weeks back, Vyas shared a secret which brought back old memories. Including the one above.

Vyas: Amma, I want to tell you something. In your ears.

Me: Oh sure. What is it?

Vyas: Come closer. Promise not to tell appa.

Me: Ummm.. tell me first:-)

Vyas: Sayuj loves Sanjana! (covers his mouth with his tiny hand and giggles)

Me: Really? Good. So?

Vyas: Says he will marry her!

Me: Oh? So soon?

Vyas: Yessu (a stressed ‘yes’ that is!). But Sailesh also loves Sanjana.

Me: (love triangle already?!!) Oh, good. It is nice to love. You must love everyone.

Vyas: You don’t understand. It is not that love (its hush hush conversation still..).

Me: To love, is to like someone dear. I love you. Appa loves you. You love Varun pappa. Keshu loves you. Aashi loves you. I love your friends.. Understand?

Vyas. No, but Apramey says it is not that love. This is different. Something silly.

Me: Yeah, if you say so!

To Vyas:Kanna, I did not tell appa. I just blogged for everyone to read. Promise.

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Women’s Day Out at Yelagiri

Some laughed at us, few mocked at us, while some others sincerely dissuaded us. But we had made up our mind and were all set to make the trip. And what a lovely trip it was. The month of May is hot anywhere in South India and some ‘regulars’ told us that the weather at Yelagiri sucks big time during summer. The big idea was to ‘dump’ the men-folk (dads and spouses i mean) at home and have a get-away of our own. Not that anyone would have missed us. On the contrary, it must’ve been a break they were looking forward to, and we ladies were magnanimous enough to LET THEM BE:-) We were 6 ladies and 4 children in addition to a nice driver.

We had hired a Qualis and started very early on a Friday morning, carrying a light breakfast, plenty of water, some games and books for children, cameras, plenty of money, some medicines just in case..The Bangalore highway towards Vellore is like a neatly stretched-out ribbon. Our agenda had just one item, and that was to just chill out and enjoy. And that we did and after 2 full days of ‘peace’, returned home wishing that the trip had not ended!

One, the weather God pleasantly surprised us by being doubly nice and other folks back at work or home could hardly believe it was Yelagiri-in-May. Two, the resort was very homely and quiet, with very hospitable staff, and three, the food was simple and clean and they cooked based on what we ordered. This custom menu went well with the kids too and there was hardly a cranky moment. The only disappointment the children had was a strict NO-NO to their request to bathe in an artificial water-fall in a park. The water was not clean and was re-circulated. Children forget and forgive very soon and that makes them extra-sweet…

Our trip to Yelagiri
Yelagiri at its best
Here are a few pictures from our trip, clicked by the ace photographer from our group- Jyoti. She also doubled up (and still does) as the best friend of all the 4 chotus in the group! While a 2.5 yr old Harish kept asking his mom, JC, ‘amma, Jothi enge’, the then 5 yr old Vyas called to her saying “Jyoti and deepa! Why are you locked up in this room? Come lets play cricket. You will bowl and I shall bat”. Little Hemant and Diya discussed camera angles and other ‘grown-up’ stuff..

Let me know if you have seen Yelagiri like this! For those who had bitter experiences with this place, all we had to say was, “everything around nice people turns out nice:-)” and derived a lot of kick out of it:-)!!

PS: Was not able to embed the ppt. View it full screen..


Festivals usher-in a lot of cheer and good will and the world around you looks all so positive, progressive, and more beautiful. And reminds us all of a good friend lurking inside us whose existence we often forget..

Hear your friend speak:

I come.

When the tides rise high
Drawing that mighty line,

When the chill wind blows
Piercing your cheeks,

When the Sun is high
Sweating your energy,

When there are loud thunders
Deafening your ears,

When there is a mighty pour
Drenching your soul,

When the night gets darker
Darkening your ‘dare’,

When the daylight is too bright
Burning your eyes,

When dark clouds hover above
Glooming your mind,

When it snows madly
Coloring your face white,

When the two of you quarrel
Tearing each other’s love

When ridden with sickness
Spelling the doom,

When ‘people’ leave you
Deserting forever,

When borrowers quit
Leaving you in debt

When the world breaks loose,
Making you helpless,

I come!
I’m your Friend!

Wish you all a happy, safe and colorful Diwali!

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