A nice trait at 3.9?

Varun’s 6.5 yr old friend from the third floor of our apartments, was dressed in a cute pavadai for Karthigai last evening. The two share their crackers, toys, puzzles, candies, and sometimes the bicycle.

I had barely reached home when N came home to take Varun along to light some sparklers, with her dad to supervise. Varun, who was busy meddling with something, looked up when she came in and spontaneously said:

“ummmmm… looking pretty”!!

Am happy he has his priorities right. More happy because he is learning to appreciate:)

A painting and a lesson

Varsha is a sister-figure for Vyas now. They both share secrets, pull each other legs all the time, discuss books, movies, friends, cousins, food.. and most of the days, he goes with her to school, bugging her all the way. Vyas enjoys irritating her by pointing to every car on the road and asking her to identify! While Varsha is generous with showering appreciation on the boy, this one cringes and grudgingly acknowledges her work!

Varsha is learning painting and here is the first portrait (on canvas) done by her.

The jealous balloon on seeing it said, “Hey Varsha, I have drawn a Titanic you know!”. Amma was quick to acknowledge his painting of the Titanic, and gently reminded him that it was of course the Titanic after the wreck! Looks like an occasional puncture is needed to avert an ego-bloat! To remind kids that *collaborating is much better than aggressively competing all the time.

*Thanks to a senior colleague who planted this thought during a presentation.

the journey

This is just the beginning,
Still a long long way to go,
In this beautiful journey called life
Whose start and end we do not know.

Oh but! there has been
Several twists and turns
Some ways too narrow,
Few too wide and sudden!

Just when you thought aloud
Yaay! I’ve almost reached there!
You discover the road has thrown a teaser,
Ahead is deeper curve to negotiate!

You still go on for by now
You have met most of them:
Love, mirth, pain, sorrow,
Birth, death, today and tomorrow.

And look forward for more to follow
For somewhere on your way
You unearthed Friendship,
The kohinoor of treasures.

With friends for company
You can cruise a desert or river
Who cares where you are going!
As long as you enjoy the journey
Which I wish goes on forever.

Wish you and your dear ones a very happy journey through 2010 and all the years to come! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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