The sinner!

IndianHomeMaker started this tag on listing 10 things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

Well, Life_Refactored has tagged me in his post on the gender stereotype. Thank you sir!! The big truth is that I conform more to the ‘stereotype’ than not! Still, here is a small list of things where I think I ‘beat’ the stereotype.

1. Did not cry during my wedding:) I was so busy enjoying my marriage that I even failed to notice one of the priests disappear! My partner did his best to induce tears, but nay! ‘Kutthu-kal’ (or Gundu-kal), he said:)

2. With a 7-month pregnant belly, took the front seat next to the driver in a speeding ambulance that was driving my dad for an emergency scan, with my husband in the rear, attending to my dad. He was left worrying about 3 lives! And I ‘offered’ my father’s body during the last rites with my uncle ‘proxy-ing’ for carrying the pot and lighting the pyre as I was still pregnant.. Wish I’d done that too..

3. The expenses during our courtship days were shared! I foot the fuel or restaurant bill once, and the next time its him. Unromantic I know, but that is how it is:)

4. I shop for clothes or jewels rather quickly. And mostly shop alone!

5. Did not wear any make-up for my wedding.

6. Dealt with a group of 5 (40 + something year old) drunken bastards calling themselves well-wishers, mustering courage to throw them out. Verbally.

7. Threw an ‘eve-teaser’ off balance when he attempted a ‘bottom slap’. He missed and instead his hand brushed against my dupatta. I gave him my dupatta and asked if he wanted to take it! A blockhead of a fellow!

8. I shamelessly oust men occupying ‘ladies seat’ in a bus.

9. Detest a public ‘show of love-and-affection’ for the partner. Despite sharing the workplace, we hardly bump into each other. I have never once been to his bay nor has he.

10. I don’t ‘nag’ my husband, specially when he is traveling out with his friends. He travels with his friends and I with mine. So we breathe peace:)

That said, I can be more easily stereotyped than fitting into the ‘sinful’ gang:)

I’m most comfortable in a saree or a salwar, like to wear elegant jewelry, love to cook, burst into tears of volcanic proportions when hormones wreak havoc. I am scared of getting behind the wheels and trust my partner the best. Am not comfortable on a pillion ride with anyone else other than him and maybe am old fashioned:) But that’s me and am comfortable in my skin!!

Now, I tag Rajendran, Lavanya, Jaya, Umavythi, Aparna, and Suganthi

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