On being girls and friends

A convo:

Vyas to dad/me: You know what?

Dad: What?

Vyas: K has a girl friend *rolls his eyes* (K is his classmate)

Dad: Oh ok.. Good!

Vyas: What good? (a little annoyed)

Dad: C’mon, you have girl friends too, right?

Vyas: No. Some of my friends are girls. They are not my girl friends.. And I don’t have any..

Perhaps not just yet?!

I catch him grinning sheepishly when he is reading Harry Potter, and ..

Me: Hey, what is the joke..

Vyas: Nothing… (and continues to read with that expression)

Me: Tell me da.. Its so long since I read that I’m forgetting it all..

Vyas: Ayyo.. nothing.. its that Ron and Lavender acting funny..

Me to myself: Idhu onakku thevaya (Why the hell did you have to ask!)

Sigh… By virtue of having read the entire HP series in 45 days flat, my boy is officially a grown-up 🙂