Goals in the life of a 9 yr old

Aashi, my feisty cherub had scribbled so in a diary:


What are your goals in life? What do you want to do/be?

My first memories of wishes I thought of is that I should work in a company like (I think it is home). When I went to 1st Std, I decided to be a librarian. This wish of mine continued for a year. Then I went to II std & decided to become a lawyer. When I went to III std, I wanted to become a doctor. Then I realized that I had to study too much, like, for example, how many bones, muscles I have which I don’t even care about. I decided to become a runner. Now, for the first time, I took a strong decision. I want to really become a stunt-woman one day. I am waiting for every second to for that single day.

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