Peter Varun- Mar-2012

1. Amma, thundah is coming (thunder- on hearing a loud banging noise from the neighbour’s)

2. This soap is my! (for ‘this soap is mine..’)

3. No painful.. (In response to my glare on his jumping down from the bed)

4. Painful no! (When I continued glaring 🙂 An attempt to correct the mistake in the above sentence :-))

5. Auto-diver go beach? (He, the auto-driver, offers to take me to the beach)

6. Wow! Passion fruit!! (On seeing me cut a papaya.. He knows, but has to show he knows ‘passion’)

I graduated!
I graduated!
Btw, did i tell you guys that he graduated from his play school? And this is how we wore the graduation cap his teacher so lovingly made!

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