The story teller


One day…. a nice pink engine.. beeeg day in train yard..

children onna skoool-trrrip…. phee phee Thomas visseled..

Ova dha bijj, throooogh the tunnel, he went…

Hurry, hurry said Anne and lallable..

Then, stuckkk in the mud.. he sad 😦

Then.. $@#%6%^^$%^^%$^#.. happpileeeeeeeee…………


The translation/transliteration

Its actually 2-3 stories fused together and the events/characters are all mixed up.. Mostly a combination of an engine bedtime story by the dad where Varun gets to choose the engine color. Its usually the Pink engine.. Apparently, pink engine is Anniyan, with the other personality being Thomas, the tank engine..

One story has Thomas taking few school children on a trip.. Another has him getting stuck in the mud and I think Cranky, the crane, comes to his rescue.. Whatever be the case, the story has to end the way it does.. That is begin the sentence with a long drawn, ‘Then…..’ followed by some muffled sounds which none of us can decipher, and end with ‘haeeeppileee’..


1. skoool-trrrip – school trip
2. visseled – whistled
3. Ova – over
4. lallable – clarabel, one of Thomas’s coaches

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