At 10, you are surprisingly sporting nice rounded cheeks, and a small butter-cheese paunch that you don’t attempt to hide 🙂 When I call you ‘thopla’, you run a hand on your tummy like that content 60 year old and feign a burp.. “Amma, can you please make those yummy ghee-dosais for me”, you ask.. And i wonder, where my skinny, bespectacled boy of 6 has disappeared!

When I asked you what you wanted for your b’day, your wish-list kept changing and included anything from a beyblade base stadium to cricket attax to the recent request of a Nimbus 2000… The last is easiest. When I pointed to the new broomstick in the corner of the room, you were only too glad to take a ride!

You have spent the best part of the last one year in imparting great knowledge to your little brother, and he doesn’t let go an opportunity to use this knowledge.. His best learning from you the past year is, “Adengappa, uchidhamani!” among other important lessons-of-survival!

Your greatest plan for this summer hols was to not get out of the bed before 10.AM, shower at 12.00 noon and just laze around with a book or simply watch TV… Your amma mercilessly squashed the plan and enrolled you in a cricket camp where you have to report at 5.45 AM! (Hey, but we agreed on that, didn’t we?!! ) Which means, you also hit the bed much earlier these days and are far deep into the dreamland by the time we join in:-) Luckily you seem to love the idea of having the rest of the day for yourself!! So much that you usher me and dad out of the house saying we are too late for work! Your thambi also joins in saying, “nee po ma, office po modhala”, and then adds. “poittu ippo-ve vandhudu”.. Hmm.. you did that too when you were like him.. and its only a matter of time before he really hops into your camp and joins hands with you in showing us the way out 😐 That’s some sure indication of how our retirement life is going to be 😉

It would be unfair if I don’t mention the huge credit you earned for me just recently by telling in front of a house full of packed relatives, that your older cousin was acting slightly queer because he was going through that phase called ‘puberty’!!! Only that your mom and dad were missing from the scene. Even if I had been present, am sure I’d have gone underground 🙂 All because I got you a book from the library titled ‘Just for Boys’ because I wanted you to ‘know’. I’d just given a casual instruction saying that it was meant for you to read and understand and talk to me if you wanted something explained, and not generally discuss with random kids in school or other friends. I made a mistake. I forgot to tell you that ‘kids’ included ‘cousins’!

This, and the instance where you refused to share your lunch with the girl ‘S’ of your class,because she was a kanjoos who refused to share even her cold noodles with another friend who was hungry, but would always eat up from your box like a ‘hungry fox’, has me convinced that you are still a kutti-paiyyan albeit with a beeeg mouth!

Happy 10th dahling! I lubb you, like your thambi says! I also lubb the chai you microwave to perfection, the way you grill your own cheese sandwich, make tang for the two of you, or need be, a cup of bournvita in cold milk!! May you be blessed with good health and happy mind, and may you be bestowed with that special strength of spreading happiness and cheer whereever you go!! Just remember not to get me into trouble by talking about ‘puh-bah-tee’ (that is how you first pronounced it! ),especially not with our own folks around 😉

Two-ty Fruity

Ask him, “nee laddu-aa, buddhu-vaa?”. Pat comes the reply: “Vadhunn naan”!

“Varun-kku inaikki enna?” was a question asked a 1000 times. “Aaappy Buthudhaae youu youu” he answered 1001 times:) It seems like just y’day he made an entry into this world and one word I thought would best describe the baby that was born on Feb 19 -2009, was ‘Vella Urundai’ (a ball of jaggery)- you couldn’t tell where the scalp ended and the forehead began:) And no trace of the eyebrows!


Its already two years and he has grown out of the Johnson’s baby soap/powder smell. His preferences have changed. He wants only appa’s choup (soap), anna’s teechat (t-shirt), amma’s chappallu (footwear). No more fruit-veggie mash or pappu mammu. Now its only fresh gaepch (the black seedless, sweet variety), Auenge (kamala oranges), thomatho-kai choop (tomoto- palak- veggies soup), paashthaa, noonles (you know!). Give him these anytime of the day and he is game!

His B’day cake was the much loved Thomaas (Thomas Tank Engine). We showed him 4 different photocopies of Thomas and went with the design he picked first. Anna had invited a dozen of his friends, the good news being that the girls out-numbered the boys;) His chittappa gifted him a cute Thomas T-shirt and he walked the ramp till the evening in that t-shirt! We stuck to a simple menu as the kutti-party was a little early in the evening with many kids having other engagements (exam time for few, dance class et al..) The platter had cake, home-made paneer-corn-creamy-cheese pasta, butter pop corn, and orange juice. Vyas helped chop paneer and veggies for the pasta and microwaved popcorn; his friends were coming home you see!

Anna at work

The B’day cake:

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine

At two, his ‘suprabhatham’ and lullaby is this (courtesy- anna):

To Varun: Happy B’day Sweetheart! Amma looooves you! Love to tickle you and squeeze you in a tight hug. That is till you are knocked breathless from squealing, giggling, crying, fighting, all at the same time! I still remember you fluttering like a little butterfly inside my tummy:)